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Each week or so I post a readable or watchable and/or listenable of which I'm fond. You can choose what happens after my recommendation. Ignore, embrace, debate. Earlier volumes of The Rabbit Recommends can be found here. 

Listen - Boys of Summer Edition
I could spend every day propped up in a porch swing, sipping iced coffee, and listening to music.

If only real-life could mimic my summer playlists - littered with boys.  

Here are 5 albums that have been on repeat this season, making me sweat. IT'S THE HUMIDITY, MOM.

Alex Clare - The Lateness of The Hour: A Brit with a deep rich voice. Sold. This album is a solid blend of electronica and R&B. And then there's that voice.

Usher - Looking 4 Myself: I've loved Usher since Yeah and Caught Up - ahhh, the 2000's. This album is not just another warm-up for Friday clubbin'. YES I CLUB ON OCCASION. Usher's falsetto, his collaborations, and that thump will get you clubbin' too. Or cleaning the house with a lil' more shake.

Matthew Mayfield - A Banquet for Ghosts: I'm always loyal to Alabama musicians - The Civil Wars, Alabama Shakes, Lionel Richie. Matthew Mayfield is a singer-songwriter who came into his own on this album. Rock with a smidgen of folk. And then there's that raspy, comforting voice.

Ed Sheeran - +: I discovered Ed Sheeran when his song "Fall" was featured in the proposal scene on Cougartown. Don't judge. It was love at first listen. Another Brit who makes acoustic pop better because he sings it. And although he's a ginger, it appears you can trust him.

Tyrone Wells - Beautiful World: Tyrone and I met on Pandora after that beautiful matchmaker thought I might fancy him. I did. I do. He just released this EP and it's wistful and hopeful and romantic - traits that aren't too shabby .

I want to know what albums you have loved this summer. In order to motivate your disclosure, how about a giveaway?

WINNERS UPDATE: Lindsey M. won a 3-month subscription and Ann. H won a 1-month subscription. Email jamiesrabbits@gmail.com to collect your swag!

a Rafflecopter giveaway
I'm giving away TWO prizes. One winner will get a 3-month subscription to Spotify and another will get a 1-month subscription.

I LOVE Spotify. So much so that I cut my coffee budget to pay for it. That's love. You can also have a free account which is how we started dating.

We're now 2gether 4 ever.

Spotify is a music streaming service that comes in all shapes and sizes, available for PC, Mac, home audio system and mobile phone. Wherever you go, my music follows me. My favorite kind of stalker. 

Note: Although I fancy Spotify more than I can type in small italics, they don't know the first thing about this giveaway.

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