The Post About Texts I Will Miss While Driving

Today, Alabama became the 38th state with a law banning texting and driving.

According to the Alabama Public Safety Department, when a driver sends to receives a text message, his or her eyes are off the road for 4.6 seconds on average -- enough for a car going 55 mph to travel the length of a football field.

First of all, I'm probably going faster than 55 mph, Second of all, my AMAZING car alignment means I'm on top of your cupholders in less than 100 yards.

However, I did notice the new law allows you to text while stopped at a traffic light. So look forward to being behind me in traffic. You're welcome.

Here are 3 type of texts I'll simply have to wait to enjoy once I am off the road.

1. Event Reaction Texts: My friend Carla and I have enjoyed watching the Olympics "together."

2. Medication Influenced Texts. My friend Patrick is far too dependent on auto correct after taking a sleeping aid. Here, we are discussing him sleeping on an air mattress in a conference room on a trip. Don't ask.

3. God Answers Prayer Texts: My friend Caryann tries to be the "iron sharpening iron" as mentioned in Proverbs 27:17 when it comes to me making poor decisions. I like that I can counter that accountability with Holy Spirit texts.

Are you a super-texter? What annoys you the most about texting? Would a ban on tapping on your phone while driving send you into a deep depression? Please feel free to make your struggles public in the comments section of this humor blog.

I'll go first in the comments. 

{images: Jamie's iPhone}

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