The Post About Random Rabbits

Food porn. I made these last week and people offered me their first born children. I kindly refused. I mean...who has time to sleep 10 hours nightly when there are kids to raise?

It's not this Jamie, but the Jamie at Baking Addiction who concocted these snazzy recipes for Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough and Raspberry Lemon.

Note: her baking magic is sometimes more complicated than ACTUAL magic. But that rabbit that comes out of the hat is always worth eating. I mean...you know.  

My favorite parents are those who aren't afraid to admit how hard parenting actually is. Especially in pictures. Amanda Williams (life_edited) deserves an Instagram gold medal for pulling back the curtain on her delightful life. 

Ridiculously fabulous artwork by Wes Molebash

Ricky Anderson, who's been a guest rabbit chaser by evaluating the differences in having kids vs. not having kids, picked me for his team. His Blogging All-Star Challenge Team.

I'm the angry stump in the top right.

Please know...I look EXACTLY like that when playing cards, putt putt, or trying to snag a handicap-adjacent parking space.

So to help ease my crazy eyes, please consider a vote for Team Ricky. Our team is 50% women, 30% blind and at least 3 of us are under 5'2". So it's a vote for The Littles.

You guys...The Littles.

Click here to vote. Team Ricky is 20 votes behind. Not cool.

{images: Jamie, screenshot of image by Amanda Williams, Wes Molebash)

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