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Crimson Tide Cake Pop
Today is Game Day.
I'd like to review my process of team loyalty as we begin a new season of NCAA football.
1. Always root for University of Alabama.
2. Always root for Auburn, unless it conflicts with #1.
3. Always root for SEC teams unless it conflicts with #1 or #2.
4. Never root for Tennessee, even if in conflict with #3.
5. Never root for non-SEC teams, unless their opponent is higher ranked than any SEC team (sans Tennessee.)

See how simple that is?

Amanda got older.
My viral friend Amanda turned 25 this week. Her viral/real-life boyfriend Joseph gathered a small group of us to wish her a video "Happy Birthday." But in an angry inconvenienced way. Some of my favorite bloggers make an appearance. And baby Evan.

A new month of Photo-A-Day begins today. It's a snazzy way to stretch your photography muscles beyond pictures of your lunch and face in a mirror. Although I stand by the value of those two things. Post your pics to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or print them as doubles at the local pharmacy and hang them on your fridge.

Cotton Candy
Buddy Roberts invited me to The Cobalt Club. Drop in to learn what I consider the actual purpose of Jamie's Rabbits.

Don't forget: I'm hosting a giveaway with 8 winners that ends Monday...

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