The Post About Laying Cake Pop Blame

Cake pops are a hobby of mine. Bakerella was the first to get me hooked and I've never looked back.

I've sat in my kitchen floor and cursed, but never looked back.

I try to even incorporate cake pops into the high holy days.
I make them for friends' birthdays, for coworkers, and for family gathered 'round the TV to watch parades.
And I get excited when friends tell me they are venturing out to make their own.

Unfortunately, I have some sort of baking amnesia when it comes to how hard these delicious nuggets are to make your first time.

Hence this text exchange with my friend Rachel during her first attempt at making cake pops:

Since technically I didn't apologize, she decided to outline her case on her own blog, Grasping for Objectivity in the post "The Night The Cake Pops Won."

I'll admit....her story is very sad.

And that's all I'll admit.

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