The Post About Wobble Baby, Wobble Baby

{Image: Me, Instagram, squirrels attacking below}

Let's just pretend it hasn't been a month since I wrote last. Okay? Okay.

I awoke Thanksgiving morning with a grateful heart and motivated mind.

I decided my favorite tree, pictured above, needed some tending. More specifically, IT'S POOPED ALL OVER MY YARD.

I resolved to rake some leaves and headed outside. I stood on the porch and realized it was cold enough for my pajamas to be insufficient.

Back inside.

I picked out a hoodie and headed outside. I stood on the sidewalk and realized it was quiet enough to need a distraction.

Back inside.

I conjured up a Spotify playlist and thirty-five minutes later, I headed outside.

Rabbit Sidebar: This "Rake The Leaves" playlist below is one of my better mixes.

And #2 is where this story really begins. Have you ever  listened to V.I.C.'s Wobble and NOT ACTUALLY WOBBLED?

Me neither. When he commands "big girl make em' back it up" I must obey.

Fast forward to leaves piling up, neighbor kids frolicking and me wobbling. Wobbling so intensely that one jump turn made me miss the concrete scalloped sidewalk paver.

I went down.  Hard.

I was wounded. I was whimpering. I was face down in my recently acquired pile of leaves.

Fast forward to this tweet:

So...there's that.

What about you? Any embarrassing injuries in your past?

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