The Post About 5 Etiquette Tips for Instagram

I sure do fancy Instagram.

I know it appears to be just another social media network to get sucked into and appearances are not deceiving. However, I still love it so.

Of the 200-odd folks I follow (and that hypen may be in the wrong place) I don't actually know but a handful of them in real life. However, I like to visually learn about their lives, understand their perspectives, and creep up on them.

It's fine.

For those of you who are IG-pros or new to the platform, let's explore some ways to win at Instagram.

Here are my 5 Instagram Etiquette Tips:
1. #hashtagabuse: #its #annoying #as #all #getout I like the occasional hashtag to connect my pic to a community of people who also like #cakepops or #cheezits or #thor. But otherwise, you're bummin' people out with the laundry list of tags. Seriously.

2. Josie Grossie. I know "gross" is relative, but for me it includes pictures of the following:
  • Dead Animals
  • Toilet Bowls
  • Injuries 
  • Wonky Feet
3. Jesus Loves Thieves and Whores, But... Snagging a photograph off the web and then presenting it as your own is not cool. And illegal. Also, I'm sure your boobs are probably real AND spectacular, but calm down.

4. Don't Hog The Feed. Actually, you can post as many pics as you'd like as often as you'd like, but know that people are sadfaceemoticon when they have to scroll past a dozen of your pics every other hour.
5. Hi, This Is My Face. Again. Selfies. If you post self-portraits more often than not, then you need to start hashtagging those photos with #iwasnotheldenoughasababy.

Here are some pet peeves of your own...

Of course, Instagram really is whatever you want it to be as the wise The Joseph Craven would want us to believe.

What are your tips or pet peeves when it comes to Instagram?

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