The Post About A Naked Drunk Driver: The B Side

I had a car accident 3 weeks ago and I shared a little bit of the fantastic that resulted from it. However, questions keep coming so I thought I might provide a few of the other details that served to entertain.

When my wreck occurred, I immediately thought "Cars always blow up in movies." This prompted me to immediately exit and get out tha way. Thankfully, I only had enough fuel to go seven more miles because I'm a planner like that.

When I looked up, the other driver was also hopping out of his totaled car. The difference was he was intoxicated. Also, he wasn't wearing a shirt, pants, or shoes. He fled by foot in his red plaid boxers yelling "Sorry Lady." I appreciate him admitting fault at the scene and acknowledging my classiness. I do not appreciate him stealing that truck and making it difficult for the police to find him.

You know how awesome cell phones are? Me too. Which is why I just kept repeating "I need my cell phone" to all the neighbors and other drivers who kept trying to help me. This codependency is part Words With Friends and part not knowing anyone's telephone numbers so you can call them and tell them about the naked guy who just hit you.

My friend Patrick arrived on the scene to help me find that cell phone and take me to the hospital. Soon, I learned Patrick had taken an Ambien, didn't have his glasses and forgot his license. The hospital staff suspected we were an unusual case when they entered our ER room and found me in the chair and Patrick on the bed.
There has been nothing but kindness since my accident. Cards, gifts, visits, take-out and hugs from real-life family, friends, coworkers, and you. The last is my favorite. I adore that we can come to care about people we may only know through a screen.

Never assume online friendships are less valuable. I don't.

Here's the wisdom of one such online friend who has since turned out to be all kinds of real-life.
 True story.

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