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Here are a few additional thoughts on some Instagram photos and Tweets I posted this week.

My neighbor adores animals and works at a rescue mission for orphaned pets. This is her foster child, Gertrude. Gertie tends to wander into my yard and scare the crap out of me every morning. There's really no better way to jump start your day. Unless it's with actual bacon.

What's a must-have or must-do in the AM?

When I visited the orthopedic specialist after my car accident, he asked me if I had sprained my ankle in the past 6 months. As you know, I had. The story I told him may not have matched the one I told you in November. However, if you are needing some of your own tear-a-tendon tracks, might I suggest my Spotify "Clean The House" playlist.

What song motivates your moving?

If you're like me, then you're searching for internet goodness every time the clock ticks. In one day, this was my search history on my phone. Let me explain this mess:
  • Chris Hemsworth is in a new trailer for the next Thor movie. He's pretty.
  • I have hydrangeas in my yard that I'd like to be purple instead of blue.You can make that happen.
  • A PMS color chart may not be what you hope it is.
  • The flight time from Atlanta to London is 9 hours. I'm confident my ADD can manage that.
  • The good news is that healing a broken foot faster includes cheese and ice cream. Legit.
  • I'm still not sure how to boil an egg. Or why you would do it.
What's the oddest thing you've searched for this week?

SO MANY people are spelling it "woah." I don't know who led these folks down this slippery slope but it's also prompted them to spell "yeah" as "yea" and "fo sho" as "for sure." Let's get it right friends.

What word do you see misused the most?

Friday, right? Yes.

You should answer at least one of the above embedded questions. Yes, you.

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