The Post About Eight Ways I Am A Spoiled Brat

I pondered a truth about myself earlier this week:
A few responses included:

Bethanne: Maybe worse is having attempted to pinch-enlarge an actual photo.
Connie: Walk away from a commode without flushing because you assume it will do it for you.

This got me thinking of 8 other things I do because I'm ridiculous.
  1. I touch my computer screen at work as if something will happen. Nothing ever does.
  2. It takes me 3 hours to watch a 2 hour movie alone at home because I pause it to Google what song was playing during that pivotal scene. Then I have to find that artist and song on Spotify. Then I have to build a playlist around the emotion I was feeling when I saw that scene which means searching for related songs and artists. Then I press play on the movie again.
  3. When people write me checks, I never cash them. It's as if I physically cannot drive to a bank. 
  4. I press the FWD button on my parents' remote control to fast forward through commercials. They do not own a DVR.
  5. I may not answer the phone when you call but I will almost always reply to the text you send immediately following that call attempt.
  6. When someone asks me what time it is I always dig out my phone. I don't look at the clock in the room or at my decorative watch. 
  7. I nurse a legitimate grudge against my parents because their 2002 phones cannot receive text messages.
  8. I have to schmooze my way into almost every event that requires printed tickets because I didn't print them. Even though the email said to print them. I didn't.
 Are you spoiled too? How? 

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