The Post About Where The Time Goes

I used to have time. Time to write 600 words. Time to take white balanced photographs. Time to make lists and check them twice.

That abundance of time kept this blog populated. I liked it.

But my time went missing. Suddenly there were only 140 characters. There were only Instagram pictures. There were only pressing immediate tasks.

This summer has been filled to capacity with goodness. It's also been dusted with sadness.

I took time to road trip.

Atlanta with Rachel.

The lake. The river. Another lake. A creek. I'm a fan of water without sand.

Blue Ridge Parkway. God is a grade A showoff.

Asheville with myself. An upcoming post will outline why extroverts shouldn't travel alone.

Jackson with Haley and Molly to see Joseph and Amanda. The latter is from Canada and featured above as we make the most of our museum entry fee.

Knoxville to see Jessica and avoid orange.

I have ventured through my own fantastic city of Birmingham. I could not love a place more.


I went to camp. Lots of camp.


I relished summer classics.


I watched and podcasted the worst season of The Bachelorette.


Like I said, goodness.

The traces of sadness have simply been classic cases of unmet expectations. More on those another day. Pinky swears.

However, blahs have birthed something I needed. The time spent this season on projects and people who have disappointed is free.

That time is leading to more words, photographs, and lists of what I'll be chasing next.

Let's start with rabbits, shall we?

What's one thing this summer that's been good? Or not so good?

{images: Jamie}

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Don't be afraid if I chase your rabbit comment...

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