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I adore Q & As. I just completed one for my application to be a contestant on The Bachelor. SERIOUSLY.

So here's a little list to get to know the real Jamie.
Face: Sunscreen. And freckles. There's a disconnect.

Perennial To-Do List: Hang up my clothes. I am an amazing washer and dryer but that's where the domestication ends. This is why I'm also an amazing ironer.

Guilty Pleasure List: Buying 5 extra moves on Candy Crush. I cannot tell you how happy it makes me. And sad. 

Kitchen Counter: Straw dispenser, coffee paraphernalia and rotting bananas. My muffin top is built from good intentions of learning to cook but always eating out.

Regrets List: Not accepting a job as a literary agent with William Morris Agency in Nashville. And not buying the extra cupcake to take home. Every time.

Nightstand: Chapstick and my Kindle. Sadly, my phone is probably in my actual hand as I sleep. 

Playlist: Emelie Sande, The Black Keys, Katy Perry, Sara Bareilles, Justin Timberlake, The Civil Wars.

Computer Screensaver: C.S. Lewis Quote.  
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Qualities-in-a-Friend List: Sense of humor. Period. I know there are other great qualities but what I need in my life is legitimate LOLs.

List of Charities You Support: Children's Aid Society of Alabama and Habitat for Humanity - folks without a forever family and stable shelter wreck me.

Medicine Cabinet Shelves: Creams specialized for each part of the face.

Bed: 600 thread count sheets with down feather duvet. If you're going to spend 1/3 of your life there...

Must-See-TV List: The Daily Show, Downton Abbey, The Walking Dead.

Weekly Grocery List: Bananas, milk, kid-friendly cereal, hummus, pita bread and cheese. The rest of my fridge is just condiments and drinks. My nutritionist is so very proud. 

Phone Screensaver:   

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Mind: The location of my phone. And world peace.

Favorite-Gadget List: iPhone, Microwave/Toaster Oven combo, Citrus Squeezer because...salsa.

Workout Regimen: I had to look up the word "regimen" so if that helps you understand how much I work out.

iPhone: Spotify. It's how I listen to music all day every day. In private session so you don't know about all the Selener.

Pet-Peeve List: People who don't use their blinker. WHO HURT YOU TO MAKE YOU SO AWFUL? 

Twitter Feed: There are so many tweeters I fancy but here's a short list of those who will be funny AND interact with you: @grass_stains @erinhmoon @notthatolsen @objectivityrach @deppisch @bogueandweejer

Quote-to-Live-by List: “With the story of your life, you don’t get to write the whole book, just your character.” — Olivia Munn 

Now you pick one of the above and share what's always on your...

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