The Post About The Conference and Friends and Speaker and Book

It all started with this conference, ReCreate. With these friends.
Day 2 of #recreate13 with @grass_stains_the_blog and @ktemoore83 and Kara who doesn't understand the value of social media.
(l-r) Me, Kara, Katie, and Grass.

You can read Katherine's recap of the weekend at her blog Grass Stains.

This conference with these friends led to this speaker.
Because @charlgambill got on the floor, I was left on the floor. #changeiscoming #recreate13
Charlotte Gambill, an author and speaker from England, brought THE WORD OF THE LORD.

You can listen to that exact message (The Gold Seats) through October 31 on the conference website. You can also listen to the other speakers, Lisa Bevere and Priscilla Shirer. I also highly recommend the one by PS called "He Sees Me."

And for the record, these two suggestions aren't "girlie" sermons. Remember what I said about THE WORD. And the OF THE LORD.

This conference with these friends with those speakers led to this book purchase.

I could not recommend a devotional guide with more gumption. Dare To Be has SO MUCH feisty that it led to a Twitter kerfuffle with one of the authors.

Learn about that drama by reading the next post: How To Fight Right With a Celebrity on Twitter.

In the meanwhile, what's a book I should be reading? Go.

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