The Post About Teens and Tiaras

Oldest niece. Pageant niece. Both adorable.

My middle niece participated in a beauty pageant this weekend. I'm always torn. Do you adore your gorgeous family member and simply ignore the discomfort you feel as each young woman parades by?


You shower your beautiful niece with praise AND revel in the awkwardness of the competition by live tweeting it. The following includes actual quotes from the interview portion of the pageant.

Is it wrong to hope I've been a positive influence?

This is not completely illogical.

Geography is obviously no longer a priority in today's schools.

Suzanne Collins should have to pay the movie producers a royalty.

I've been to Hawaii. No.

Nicholas Sparks is making it rain with life lessons.

Can we all agree that the "Irish Experience" is probably heavy drinking and throwing punches?

The most honest answer of the night.

I grew up in Corner. It's not a shabby place, but it's no Cinderella's Castle.

My friend Erin Moon commented "Night is good, but is it anyone's FAVORITE book?"

If TGG was historically accurate, then Gatsby would have been taken out in the 3rd chapter for overuse of the phrase "Old Sport."

My mom is a secretary at a southern baptist church. Context.

Where would you go if you could go anywhere in the world?

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