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I've received several questions about this season of being out of work. I thought it might be time for a handy FAQ.

1. Why did you quit your job?
Read this. It's still true a month later.

2. Do you have a job now?
Not really. I have some freelance gigs and the occasional cake pop order, but that's it.

3. If you don't have a job, what do you do all day?
Well...it depends. Some days I do research and write the entire day. Some days I volunteer at our local dream center and read at the library. Some days I snuggie it out and binge on Netflix and nap twice.

Then there's the time spent staring at God asking "What next?" Right now, He mostly just grins like He knows something but not telling.

4. What's been the hardest part of quitting?
First, I really do miss my coworkers. Thankfully they text and call often which helps maintain my codependence. Second, I'm as extroverted as they're made. Being home alone is not my wheelhouse. So getting out of the house and explaining the value of Boar's Head to Publix shoppers has been helpful.

5. What kind of job do you want?
My heart and passion is storytelling. Sharing an organization's story would be my dream - what they do, why they do it, and how they want to do it bigger and better. Content marketing is actually my background which means an ideal working scenario would be tweeting, facebooking, instagramming, youtube-ing and blogging about good stuff. If you have a lead on something, my Mom would appreciate you sharing.

I'm also willing to be someone's trophy wife.

6. What are you learning?
It's almost surprising how much I've learned. Like, how dumb I am. I'm learning to budget, to distinguish between "need" and "want," to be present, to rest, to reconnect with friends and family, and to just camp out in the Bible rather than try to read a verse at a traffic light once a week and hope it sustains.

The biggest lesson is how much I let work define and consume me. I was chained up by it and only now can I see the marks it left behind. More on that later this week.

I've also confirmed that pajamas are my favorite. 

7. What are you doing for money?
Holding it tight in my hand like it's Bilbo's ring. Maybe not that extreme, but I did shut down almost all unnecessary spending when I turned in my resignation. And do you know what? I saved a lot of money. IT'S AS IF MATH WORKS YOU GUYS. Folks have also been so kind to treat me to lunch or coffee or a movie. Learning to receive well is another skill I'm practicing.

My coworkers gave me a Starbucks card as a going away gift since they couldn't purchase an Alabama Power certificate. They wanted to make sure I still had access to coffee and wi-fi if times got tough. See why I miss them?

What questions or advice do you have?

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