The Post About Instagram Commentary

Here are a few additional thoughts on some Instagram photos I recently posted.

Hiking is the worst until this. Then it's immediately the worst again.
Since I'm in this season of unemployment, I'm readily available for activities. Particularly when they're free. Friends invited me to go hiking in the Sipsey Wilderness and I thought "Why not?" Then two miles in I remembered the answer to that question. Hiking is the worst UNTIL you see a waterfall. And then you have to hike more and it's the worst again. I feel the same way about flying.

What activities do you forget how awful they are until you're in the middle of them?

My love for the Brits led to this gift. Need recs and tips for tea. Context: Chamomile made me sad.
My parents and I went to see Saving Mr. Banks because it's about Mary Poppins and there were no super awkward scenes (I'M LOOKING AT YOU HER.) I fancy all things British and this film reminded me how much I want to be a tea drinker. My mom heard the cry of my heart and bought me an adorable tea set.

What are your tips and tricks when it comes to tea?

Thankful the Internet helps me stay a stubborn spoiled American by letting me watch TV with the Brits.
Speaking of the Brits, one of my favorite television shows ever is Sherlock from the BBC. Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman are perfection in this mini-series. Season 3 premieres in the US this Sunday on PBS. I "cheated" and watched it with the UK and managed to see the entire season (3 phenomenal episodes) in 12 short days. Please email, tweet, facebook, or carrier pigeon me when you've seen it so I can discuss all my feelings. And there are SO MANY FEELINGS. You can catch seasons 1 and 2 on Netflix or Amazon Prime.

What TV show are you loving right now?

The wise owls said my niece is a natural. Then we ate them. #cakepops
My niece and I had our first pop party which was long overdue. She's a natural as you can see by her owl and mini cupcake cake pops. You can throw your own party with my tips on making cake pops. The most important part of our time together was this conversation:
Her: I don't think I want to be in the beauty pageant this year.
Me: Then you should negotiate with your mom and dad.
Her: What does that mean?
Me: It means a beauty pageant costs a lot because of the dress, shoes, getting your hair done, pageant fees, and tickets to the event. Not to mention the time involved. You should tell your parents you're willing to skip it IF they take you to the trampoline park instead. That's negotiating.
Her: Well...I would probably pick an expensive dress so I think that means I could bring a friend to the trampoline park.
Me: The student has become the master. 

Am I a good aunt or a GREAT aunt?

{images: Jamie}

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