The Post About Five Ways To Stay Young

I have three life goals:
1. The entire world to be at peace.
2. Every foster child to live in a healthy, happy home.
3. Look younger than my chronological age.

Rabbit Confession: My checkbook and calendar would tell you I'm spending my resources on one more than the others.  Spoiler: It does not involve intense talks in Crimea.

My bio on this blog says I'm thirty-something. The very act of using the term "thirty-something" means I'm not 100% comfortable with my age. I'm constantly self reflecting about getting older. Am I aging gracefully or am I kicking Father Time in the shins while plotting my escape?

It’s the shins.

But there's hope. Last week, a woman looking for me at an event I used to attend asked "Where's the little girl who talks so fast and bounces around?" 

Here are five ways I keep folks thinking I'm "little:"

1. Fitness: Please don’t get crazy. I’m not actually fit. But I do like to push my knees to the brink with rafting, skiing, and 4-square. Plus, it never hurts to schedule in daily dance breaks.

2. Drugstore Choices: Hair colors, face serums, and sparkly spackle are the best way to place the ravages of time in time out.

3. Pop Culture: I’m not afraid to love that which may not be age-appropriate. Phineas and Ferb, One Direction, and one ZacharyDavidAlexanderEfron.

4. Muffin Top: Carrying extra pounds leads to a higher risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, stroke, and some cancers. However, those Cheez-its are a great over-the-counter collagen to fill out pesky hand wrinkles and brow lines. You may die 10 years earlier, but your coffin-side 16 x 20 portrait won’t need airbrushing.

5. Menu: A gourmet bowl of Froot Loops with a side of apple slices makes for a delightful meal. It’s all the better when served with a full-bodied grape Kool-Aid

What are your tips for keeping yourself young? 

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