The Post About Picking Up Strange Habits

My parents are delightful.

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They've taught me many things. My dad taught me how to mow the grass, although I refuse to do it. My mom taught me to sew, although I refuse to do it. They also taught me to be adorably codependent on those who can cut grass and sew.

Hopefully, they've also planted seeds of compassion and kindness and approaching the world with as much humor as I can stand.

Their real legacy though, is a few of the small quirky things they taught me that linger even now.

All medicines belong in the kitchen. I'm guessing this was because the worst headaches came at the prospect of cooking dinner for the one thousandth night in a row.

Sunday nights are for popcorn. We would always come home from church and cook popcorn on the stove and watch one of four channels on TV. Magic.

Wedding napkins are a collector's item. Those cocktail napkins embossed with a couple's names and the date are surely worth stacking up in a cabinet. Even if there are hundreds.

Candy should be eaten in an orderly fashion. Specifically by color and number. My mother assures me this isn't a medical diagnosis, just the right way to do things.

Do you have any unique habits you picked up from your family?

{images: Jamie}

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