The Post About Trading One Drug for Another

Six months ago, I beat one of my greatest demons.

It was freedom, you guys. I was no longer chained to my phone. I built real relationships with real people in real life. It was truly a magical season in my life.

And then this happened.
The problem with reading the Internet is stumbling upon reviews of apps that are so convincing that you buy whatever someone likes.

Threes was described by Touch Arcade as the "perfect mobile game." And they're not wrong.

Primary objective of this game? Slide blocks to combine factors of three.

Then, spend the time you would be washing clothes or getting your mail or parenting your children playing this game.

In the number of hours it took to achieve the above, I could have learned to speak fluent Mandarin.

Unfortunately, this is not a post about how I've overcome this...

How do you waste the most time on any given day?

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