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Last year, on August 14, I launched a pop culture podcast with my internet turned real-life friend, Knox McCoy. It's the The Popcast.

Fifty episodes later, we're still talking. And surprisingly, more than a few folks listen.

Here are our most recent episode topics:
  • Episode 50: The power of names. We guess which celebrity names are fake, which ones are real, and talk about how your name can influence your life.
  • Episode 49: Celebrity couples - our favorites, least favorite and the ones we feel embody everything there is to embody about celebrity-ness.
  • Episode 48: Movie Soundtracks. Is Garden State or The Bodyguard the best? What about Dirty Dancing? Best, worst, and in-between.
  • Episode 47: Bromance. What does it mean? Can women be involved? What are the iconic ones? Which famous people have bromanced the best?
  • Episode 46: Supporting characters who deserve their own thing and the idea of spinoffs. We also delved into introverted behavior.
  • Episode 45: Urban Dictionary entries, technology we just can't get into, and the blurry line between meeting someone online and translating that to real life. 
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If you need more encouragement to become codependent on us, we're hosting an anniversary giveaway.

Simply follow the instructions from PromoSimple below. FIVE winners will be chosen randomly to win one of the pop culture prizes listed. Bonus entries for following us on Twitter and liking us on Facebook.

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