The Post About Why The Internet is Not The Worst

I took the summer off from blogging. Now I'm back.

Enough about that.

Often, the Internet can be a pot to boil all of our bitter and our furrowed brows and the steam that rises is SO DRAMATIC.

However, the Internet can be better than that. Learning and sharing and connecting.

The Internet is where I learned:

**cloud pics

The Internet is where I shared:

  • The best part of the recent Emmy Awards ceremony.
  • Bill Cosby's response to Victoria Osteen's comments about God's greatest goal for us.
  • Ann Voskamp's eloquent words about what the church should about suicide and depression.
  • A goat who may or may not be me in the first grade.

The Internet is where I connected to:
Just a sample of folks, like you, whom I adore.

What has the Internet done for you lately?

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