The Post About The Show

My Mom and I have a date scheduled for the first week in October every year - the Southern Women's Show. We take off work and head to the civic center and ready ourselves for sales pitches and lots of free goodies...

This year had a cherry on top because we got to meet Jon and Kate Gosselin from the fabulous Jon and Kate +8 on TLC. Here is a professional-quality paparazzi photo:

Interesting things overheard when you pack 1,000 women into an exhibition hall:
1. "All women from Alabama are hunters - boo-yah."

2. "How cute is that Crimson Tide fanny pack that lights up?"

3. "Do you have any cell phone koozies with pink rhinestones?"

4. "Would you like to register for a free magic show? I perform at weddings."
5. "If your child's bottom drags the ground in his stroller - he should be in school, not blocking the aisle."

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