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I am still reading through Your God Is Too Safe by Mark Buchanan (the digestion time is a little longer than Entertainment Weekly and Twilight). Chapter 16 of this thick and intriguing book is about adopting the "holy habit" of confession. I used to consider confession the lost spiritual discipline, at least for me, because I struggled so much with keeping up appearances. Sometimes, even admitting my goofs to the Almighty required a chat with my internal image consultant before proceeding. But thankfully, God reminded me that He leans in closer when I clean out from under the bed (Psalm 66:18). Plus, He made the bed and already knows what I've shoved under there...

Buchanan defines confession as "presenting our real self to God." He adds a subclause that in order to do that we have to "be honest with ourselves about ourselves, and honest about ourselves to at least one other trusted and godly person." He goes on to provide a resume for that person:
a. aware of their own frailty.
b. honest about their own sin and weakness
c. able to laugh
d. able to weep and rejoice
e. not shocked by sin, but grieved by it - in themselves as much as in others
f. trustworthy
g. not given to gossip
h. truly pursuing God
i. must love (above all else)

God has been crazy good to me in this arena. Kelly Anne and Lolo were my first pair of confidantes for the journey. Kara and Caryann are currently in the passenger seat. All have fit the bill. I could not be more grateful.

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  1. Jamie,

    Great post! I will have to check this book out after I have finished the other 5 I have started
    :-) I think my Brother Tony would be my other trusted and godly person. Take care...Chris


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