The Post About Fairy Godmothering

I have the two most adorable godsons:
Billy Kinnaird (age 4)
James Robert Kinnaird (age 2)

I mean, look at them. Don't they just have the best little faces? However, lurking behind those beautiful eyes are the schemes of wise and jaded men. And I shall be their caretaker for 28 hours starting at 6pm tonight.

I asked their mom, Kara, to jot down some notes. I told her not to assume I would know how to do anything (since I can only barely care for myself). See this previous blog for my common sense aptitude. Here are some excerpts from her how-to guide:
Start getting ready for bed: 8 p.m.
o Brush teeth with Thomas toothpaste (Billy only requires you putting the toothpaste on the toothbrush; he does the rest; James Robert will usually try to stick out his tongue when you brush his teeth, just do the best you can!) Billy’s toothbrush is Diego; JR’s is Peanuts.
o Clean up toys in living room, bedrooms, and kitchen at 8:30 p.m. You may even want to start this at 8 p.m. because of the whine factor!
o Put on pajamas (Do this after teeth and toys) Billy’s pajamas, sock & underwear is in the 2nd drawer from the top. JR’s is 3rd from top.
o Make sure Billy pee-pees.
o Bedtime: 9 p.m. This may require a bedtime story or a song or two. Billy will tell you.
o James Robert needs medicine when he goes to bed – 7 ml of Bubble Gum medicine (in fridge). Syringe is on bathroom sink.
o They can have milk when they get in bed (make sure it is in cups that don’t leak) Give Billy about ½ of the cup and tell him to get up and pee-pee again after he finishes drinking it.
o RELAX! Well, at least by 10 p.m.

Umm...that's a lot to get ready for bed. Of course, I have an 8-step skin care routine, so who am I to judge?

Billy can wipe his own rear end (although you will have to put the seat on the toilet and help him take off his pants and then check his butt after he is finished to make sure he got it all.) Hey, but at least it isn’t a diaper!

I love that Kara can find a silver lining.

Billy can actually do a lot of things on his own, but he likes to be pampered and catered to because he is his father!

Thank you Joseph for your needy nature and nurturing.


Hopefully James Robert will not wake up in a foul mood, but if he does then you can try to give him a bottle, which he will most likely throw, hold him, but he’ll try to jump.

Why do I have the feeling that he and I are going to be in fight? (and he will win.)

I am sure I will have stories.


  1. I know how to handle the mean JR... He has screamed and pitched a fit for close to 3 hours once when I was there, so I had to learn how to deal with it. Just call me if you have any problems... and I'm pretty sure you might. :)

  2. Hopefully it's just you (no offense...)


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