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I have no doubt cats are plotting and scheming about how to take over the planet. Unless we heed the warnings of the prophet Bob Barker, this could happen sooner than later. In the meantime, enjoy mocking them by reading one of the web's most popular sites - I Can Has Cheezburger. I heart this pic the most.


I am not ashamed. This comes out on DVD today and it's already in my possession. I'm even hosting a Twilight party tonight with some friends who enjoy a good vampire tale or at least like the card game, Mao, which will be played in the other room. Your best bet for owning it (and I know you want to) is a 3-disc special at French retailer Target. (Includes a bonus iTunes download.)

P.S. I really loved Kings last week. Really.

No clip today, because my rec requires a bit more commitment. My job requires the regular road trip across the state and silence simply won't do. And as much as I love Lady GaGa to travel with me, I try to also incorporate a bit of God. If I could link you to my pastor's sermons I would, because they are heart-on. Since that's not an option, I'm pointing you to David Platt, the pastor at the
Church at Brook Hills in Birmingham, Alabama. I would specifically like to highlight his 7-part series called "Attachment" he preached 5/11/08 to 6/29/08. It covers issues of Womanhood, Manhood, Parenting, Marriage, Singleness, Divorce, and Homosexuality. (Note: listen to the first section of Womanhood no matter which you choose to get Platt's take on what authority pastors have on any of these issues - powerful.) You can download a free mp3 or mov file of almost all his messages here.

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  1. I will give you a Photoshop lesson any time. A Painter lesson after I learn it. You should see the mess of a job I did on my first try!!


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