The Post About Touring My Culinary Home

The title of this blog is slightly misleading since it hints that I "live" in my kitchen. If grabbing a box of Cheez-its and pouring Kool-Aid equaled residence then it would definitely be my humble abode. When I moved in, it had khaki walls, beige countertops and matching beige cabinets - nice and neutral. But I've never been accused of riding the fence.

The other side...

Yes, those are decorative cookbooks on those shelves.

You always need somewhere to sit in your kitchen (my leg length is in the 12th percentile for a woman my age, so sitting on the countertops takes bionic strength). The ottoman doubles as storage for excess candy and my favorite quote is on the wall - "The only thing I have ever successfully made in the kitchen is a mess. And several little fires."

My pillow-creased mug loves Ugly Mug in the mornings. Thank you heavenly Father for a coffee maker with a delay timer.

One reason I will camp out in the kitchen is to bake cupcakes. These were my latest creation for the Twilight party I hosted Saturday night (yes, I know I'm not chronologically 15-years-old). I snagged the recipe for Triple Strawberry Cupcakes from the lovely How To Eat A Cupcake blog (I downgraded to double so the fang marks would be extra-ferosh.)

Finally, Easter is upon us. I'm very grateful Jesus lives in my heart. I'm also very grateful Reese's Peanut Butter Eggs live in my tummy.


  1. Jamie,

    Love the kitchen. Looks like somebody has been to Ikea..

  2. I have always liked your decorating style. Love those cupcakes!! I am definitely going to have to rent Twilight!

  3. Your kitchen is probably one of the cutest ever.

  4. C: You can smell Ikea in every room of my house!

    TS: You should just find me and borrow it!

    S: Aw shucks.

  5. Those cupcakes were awesome!!! Do you have anymore left? :)


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