The Post About I'm Right, No Bull

I'm single. I have no pets and the only plants in my home are bamboo. And they get fussy.

I would not be your "go-to" girl when it comes to caring for anything, much less children. But a desperate Mom calls for a desperate measure. And since I was the underwriter of the 10th anniversary hotel stay, then my best friend had no problem leaving her boys with me for 24 hours.

Billy, the five-year-old, likes to be right. I also enjoy that label. This leads to the ever-present power struggle in our relationship. You'd think I wouldn't choose to fight that battle, but you'd be wrong. So for our first activity, we went with a United States puzzle. Because I rock at puzzles. And Billy can't read.

He may have bionic hands, but he needed my help at every turn. And I was always right. Score.

He finished and was pleased with his geography.

Important Billy observation:
Each puzzle piece had pictures of things you might associate with that state. Billy noticed almost a dozen states had a picture of a bull. Like this one:

He said "Jamie, the United States has a lot of bull." You're telling me.

Five minutes later, he noticed one state was different.

He said "Jamie, Minnesota has no bull."

Minnesota - you have your new state motto. You're welcome.


  1. This made me laugh! And being from the great state of Minnesota I can say...bull probably exists there as well. They must have forgotten to put the picture on this puzzle piece.

  2. That is hilarious!! How cute!

  3. This had be laughin' from the "git-go". I always love your posts Jamie!!


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