The Post About I'm Right, No Bull

I'm single. I have no pets and the only plants in my home are bamboo. And they get fussy.

I would not be your "go-to" girl when it comes to caring for anything, much less children. But a desperate Mom calls for a desperate measure. And since I was the underwriter of the 10th anniversary hotel stay, then my best friend had no problem leaving her boys with me for 24 hours.

Billy, the five-year-old, likes to be right. I also enjoy that label. This leads to the ever-present power struggle in our relationship. You'd think I wouldn't choose to fight that battle, but you'd be wrong. So for our first activity, we went with a United States puzzle. Because I rock at puzzles. And Billy can't read.

He may have bionic hands, but he needed my help at every turn. And I was always right. Score.

He finished and was pleased with his geography.

Important Billy observation:
Each puzzle piece had pictures of things you might associate with that state. Billy noticed almost a dozen states had a picture of a bull. Like this one:

He said "Jamie, the United States has a lot of bull." You're telling me.

Five minutes later, he noticed one state was different.

He said "Jamie, Minnesota has no bull."

Minnesota - you have your new state motto. You're welcome.


  1. This made me laugh! And being from the great state of Minnesota I can say...bull probably exists there as well. They must have forgotten to put the picture on this puzzle piece.

  2. This had be laughin' from the "git-go". I always love your posts Jamie!!


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