The Post About Lassie, Get Help

You always see these news reports where animals rescue their owners. First of all, I believe Disney lied. Even with life-saving good works - all dogs probably do not go to heaven. Neither do birds, ferrets, and especially not hamsters. They look like mice on steroids. We can disagree, but know we may be living in different heavenly trailer parks.

Back to the rescuing animals. I read this report about a dog who dialed 9-1-1 after her owner had a heart attack. Who's a good girl? She is, for surely.

Of course, how many other dogs have gone to rescue their passed out "mom" or "dad" and dialed 4-1-1 and probably ended up with the number to the local Hooters?

Probably more than you would think.


  1. Ha ha! this gave me a good laugh this morning :)

  2. Great blog.
    I think including the word "Hooters" was genius.
    Now when people google that word, it's possible they'll find your blog.
    Now, there's an interesting way to being increase your traffic.

  3. SS: The great thing is if you do a search on Jamie's Rabbits, this is the second post with the word Hooter. It may become a pattern. I could take this further, but mixed company reads this blog.

  4. This post needs some pics. How about one of those pictures of dead animals that I used to send you when I worked at the animal hospital? Or maybe a picture of an owl. That would be appropriate.

  5. I sometimes read LOLDogs. My favorite is of a collie with the caption, "I know Timmie is down the well, I pushed him!"

    Maybe Lassie is much smarter than we think!

  6. C: I think your understanding of "appropriate" is not appropriate.

    O: LOLDogs is hilarious. Good reminder!


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