The Post About Single with Cats

I'm celebrating the week anniversary of having high speed internet. I splurged after 33 years of never having it in my home. I've either simply not had it or used dial-up. For the last year, I've tethered to Sammy, the Samsung and used something slightly faster than dial-up. The comparison between those two is really turtle versus slightly younger turtle.

After 7 days of being connected, I've now realized it was a HUGE mistake. Here are a few reasons why:

1. Hulu: Why do I even need the satellite sitting in the middle of my backyard? I've gotten to revisit shows like Doogie Howser, MD and discover Firefly (which is even more evidence I tend to like shows which will be cancelled.)
2. Youtube: Umm...How many times can I watch people getting hit in the face or fan videos of any number of star-crossed couples? Apparently, more times than I do laundry.
3. Pandora: I've already written of my love for Pandora, but using this great service at work hasn't cost me a penny. But at home? Now I have a quick and easy access to download all those songs the lady suggests from both iTunes and Amazon. There goes the new roof.

My friend Caryann tells me Jamie is to cable internet as an old spinster is to her cats. My response is immediate and clear: "Here, kitty, kitty."

What else can I fall in love with now that my Internet moves lightning fast? I promise, you are not enabling me. You're not.
P.S. You might have noticed a little spring cleaning in the Rabbit sidebars...or not. There's a new About Jamie which includes a few disclaimers I encourage you to share with your legal representation.


  1. My favorite you tube video is "grape stomp":


    lol. I do have a problem, I tend to laugh when people get injured. I can't be the only one who does this, right?

  2. P: That video is hi-lari-ous.

    A: You'd think...but no.

  3. I think you probably didn't get so many comments this time because EVERYONE knows that if they do, they WILL enable you, and that just won't do! Love you, but get a grip girl!haha


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