The Post About Gold, Frankincense, and Chiclets

Gifts. I really do love the giving.

However, receiving isn't a smack in the face, either.

Here's a sample of what my generous friends, family, and co-workers chose to give:

Christmas candy
The stocking. How can anything else compete? I'll have little pieces of gum until the flowers start to bloom. The sexy bed hair chocolate and artificially flavored lip balm will not last as long.

monogrammed earrings
My friend Allison is southern. Not just because of the physical location of her house, but by DNA. True southern gals like gifts you can't regift. I really love these ear happies.

"J" Stationery
My boss picked it perfectly. I'm
obsessed with my name. Even just 1/5 of it.

luggage tag
My friend Beth-er is a traveler - she's headed to Albania and Egypt in 2010. I'm trying to get to the Grand Canyon. She has high hopes for me. Don't you love a pushy luggage tag?

Sweetgrass Basket
My coworker, Panda, lived in Charleston, South Carolina while in college. I like when folks visit places and then bring me back stuff. Stuff I can fill with Chiclets.

Nikon lens
parents are very generous. Not only at Xmas. But they went out of their way this holiday to help their daughter pursue yet another hobby. I, Jamie, hereby promise that photography will not turn out the same way as making handbags from scratch or exercising.

For a Special Friend
You got one of these, didn't you. A gift meant to mock you and test your desire to give it away. No, Allison - YOU are special.

What's something fabulous or notsofabulous you were given this season?

{images: Jamie}


  1. I am SO jealous of the earrings. I heart them. I don't covet them, because we don't have the same initals (see how I dodged the sin? Awesome!)

  2. KO: I like that loophole. Another Southern bonus...

  3. My brother folded an elephant out of a dollar bill for me. It was super special because at Thanksgiving I taught him how to fold a dollar into a bow tie, and he liked it so much that he learned to make something else on his own (he's 15)!

  4. A (ELM): Umm...that's kinda fabulous. My brother has no origami skills.


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