The Post About Choosing Parenting over NBC's Parenthood

I'm back.

I learned a laundry list of things while in Atlanta with the 1-year-old. Sneak peek of that list...

#3. When you parent a 1-year-old - you no longer get to watch television.

My college roommate and her husband spend so much time parenting and loving and caring for little Isabella that television has moved to the end of the line.

Umm...who needs that?

The only thing repeated on my roomie's DVR was 16 and Pregnant.

I'm guessing a Mom in her thirties with several educational degrees prioritizes this television show over all others for the same reason I sometimes choose Wal-Mart over cleaner, less aggressive grocery stores.

It's the same reason you hope there's an uglier bridesmaid in the wedding party and a shorter, fatter kid on your dodgeball team.

Whatever it takes to boost our flailing self-esteems.


  1. I remember when it was cool to be young and prego. Man, nothing is the same anymore.

  2. I watched 16 and Pregnant for the first time this weekend and wow. That was a special series of train wrecks to witness.

  3. C: Teenagers ruin everything.

    K: That should be their tagline "series of train wrecks." Who doesn't stop to look at a train wreck?


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