The Post About The Ghetto iPhone

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This is a transcript of a conversation between me and my friend Patrick. He is renown for his great style, excellent taste in food, and his ability to spend money hand over fist.

Patrick: I got my tax refund so I'm going to buy an iPhone. Should I get the 16GB or 32GB?

Me: You should really think about waiting since the new iPhone leaked and may be out this summer.
You'd just have to buy another one then.

Patrick: I don't need a camera in the front and all that - I want to buy it today.

Me: But won't you feel bad when we're all sportin' the latest and greatest iPhone and you're stuck with a ghetto version?

Patrick: I already have the ghetto version of an iPhone. It's called a Blackberry.

{image: Jamie}


  1. OUCH! says the blackberry user

  2. M: Patrick is not very sensitive :-)

  3. My blackberry was held together with electric tape so I think I win the ghetto contest.

    Which in reality means I'm a loser.

    I like to daily give thanks for my lovely iPhone which is safely tucked into it's otterbox so nothing can hurt it.

  4. S: It's good when you can acknowledge the truth :-)


Don't be afraid if I chase your rabbit comment...

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