The Post About Marrying and Remarrying

Sam and Jon
Sam and Jon.

Aren't they adorable?

This is their wedding portrait. Seriously.

No french manicured shot of a wedding band. No stiletto heel piercing said wedding band. No wedding party photo of folks who are loved and some a mother said had to be there.

Sam and Jon met. Sam and Jon fell in love. Sam and Jon bunked tradition and got married in athletic apparel at the courthouse.

And neither is pregnant or an illegal immigrant.

I like being invited to weddings. I like eating groom's cake and being the only Baptist dancing. So, at first, I was not okay with this life decision-making that was Jamie not included.

But then I remembered not everything has to be about me.

Plus, apparently what most couples do on their 10th or 25th anniversary, Sam and Jon are doing after 29 days.

Sam and Jon's invitation
What are the odds they were pressured into this by someone like me?

Someone who likes swirly fonts and planning parties.

I will be there. And I will eat and dance. With or without food or music.

That's what a handbag and an iPod is for.

{images: Sam's Mom; Jamie}


  1. The money they saved not having a wedding can now be spent on new shirts.

  2. I heart this post.

    We dubbed it the "renewing of our vows" because, "we didn't want to wait for the invitations to go out so we went ahead and got married anyway, but we are still willing to share this with all of you so please come break bread with us!" - didn't sound classy enough for that fancy invitation. (Which Jon designed, by the way).

    But don't worry - I'm not 100% sure about the dancing (although there will be a mildly embarrassing slideshow set to a soundtrack Jon and I selected) - but, there definitely will be yummy food at the the after party <3

  3. J: Ahhh...college football.

    S: Maybe we can go dancing at the after-after party :-)

  4. Grats to Sam and Jon! They are adorable, even if they ARE Auburn fans! ;)

  5. Congratulations to Sam and Jon ... I don't know you and you don't know me, but way to buff the traditional and go chasing wildly after your hearts!!!!

    May your life be ever bit and more!!!!


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