The Post About Growing a Valentine

A gift from my friend Allison:
Grow a Man
He grows to full size in 3 days.

My friend Caryann's response:
"Why have you been waiting 35 years if it only takes 72 hours?"

I was asked this morning why a nice girl like me doesn't have a valentine. I'm reminded of one of my favorite movie quotes:

'For years I was too young to get married. And I went directly to 'Why aren't you married? What's wrong with you?' There were those 10 minutes in 1992 when I was exactly the right age and weight to be married. But I forgot to set the alarm and I slept right through it."

Gwen Moss,
'Til There Was You

Happy Valentine's Day to all my rabbit chasers! May you feel tons of love today.

Preferably in the form of gifts.

Rabbit Question? What's your favorite thing to get on V-Day?

{image: Jamie}

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