The Post About My Top 10 Foods

I've been keeping a food journal in order to determine the outcome of "you are what you eat."

After 6 months of entries, let's review the 10 foods my journal tells me I eat the most.

1. / 2. Coke Zero & Diet Dr. Pepper:
Combine the light fizz of a fresh 2 liter and the siren song of caffeine and I'm a loyal patron.

3. One a Day Multivitamin:
If you saw my daily entries, then you would notice I'm missing a few things. Like nutrients.

4. Hormel Little Sizzlers:
This is where my transparency will likely solicit your harsh judgment. I love sausage. But only this brand which is difficult to locate. Therefore, you and the Publix cashier are kindred spirits in condemnation as she places 5 packages into my canvas bag.

5. 90 Calorie Ice Cream Snickers:
Pure heaven. And I try to eat no more than 2 a day.

6. Special K Cinnamon Pecan Cereal:
I prefer my cereal with a cartoon character and a brightly colored game on the box, but I recognized the need to balance out all the sausage.

7. DiGiorno 200 Calorie Pizza:
I love pizza. But no matter how cheap it is, you shouldn't cook or order one whole pizza if you are eating alone. You might as well clean out a drawer for Satan because you two are shackin' up.

8. Sweet & Salty Nut Granola Bars:
Not the lowest in calories for a "snack" but I buy these in bulk - they're that good. Plus, it's granola which is the closest I'm getting to the bottom of the food pyramid.

9. Whole Wheat Pita Bread:
My muffin top needs salty chips to survive. I'm weaning he
r off life support by making homemade pita chips with a spritz of olive oil, freshly ground pepper, and 5 minutes under the broiler. Perfect for salsa, dips, and when your body demands the retention of water.

10. Cheez-its:
Ahh...my sweet companion. You may be surprised to find this so far down on the list of a Cheez-it devotee such as myself. However, there are 7 other flavors of this snack cracker seeded in my consumption bracket.

So tell me - what "healthier" snacks or easy foods do you adore? Help a girl out.

Note: I use My Fitness Pal to track food. It's the #1 free healthcare & fitness app on iTunes. It's also available for Android and Blackberry, or you can use the classic website format. I could not recommend it more, plus you can find me and we can be friends there too. My username is JamiesRabbits. Bonus of friending me? You'll know how much weight I've lost since I started.


  1. Is One a Day Multivitamin really a food?
    Hopefully Satan will pass on the pizza.
    Afterwards we can toast with Diet Dr. Pepper.
    BTW my top ten is wine.

  2. D: The vitamin is a food IF it's the only thing keeping your organs functioning properly. Plus, I think winos live in glass houses, no?

  3. I am with you on the pizza - it is my downfall.

    I have found some good snacks - the Weight Watcher ice cream bars are sinful and only have 150 calories. They have a snickers like bar - tastes just like it! I also adore the cookies and cream ice cream bar.

    I have also found that I love VitaTops - they are in the frozen breakfast section. They are buy one get one free this week at Publix. They are a good chocolate fix and they only have 100 calories.

    If you like chips - the new Special K chips are actually really good. You get almost 30 chips for 110 calories - I love chips, so this saves my ass!

  4. Sorry ... no suggestions from me ... I generally just do the the starve thing ... until I do the gluttony thing ... then I try a little bit of famish.

    yeah doesn't work for me either ...

  5. S@PC: Great suggestions! The WW cookies & cream were on sale last week at Publix and holy moly they're yum. I've been wanting to try VitaTops so now I shall.

    BJP: Nice. We couldn't be accountability partners.

  6. Any pork product preceded by the word Lil is okay in my book. They're Lil! They can't be that bad! Anyway, I like the fiber one frozen muffins in the choco/banana flavor. Or just a bowl of chex or something not too sugary. I follow the rule that I can eat any cereal guilt-free as long as it doesn't have a mascot.

  7. S: I like a lot of things with "lil" like "Lil Wayne" and "Lil Romeo." I DO love Chex so I need to revisit. And I adore muffins, but frozen fiber made me anxious. I will now buy with confidence.

  8. I'm a Granny Smith green apple loyalist so I get through my snack cravings with Trident layered green apple gum. I'm quite the smacker, much to my co-workers' dismay.
    Good luck, and thanks for the app tip!

  9. J: I'm with you on the green apples - my fave - so thank you for the tip on the gum!


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