The Post About An April Fool's Pregnancy

Pregnancy Test
On April Fool's Day, I suggested that my coworker in her 2nd trimester take a pregnancy test for me. I'd tuck the completed test back in its box and head north to my parents' house.

I would be distraught. I would grab a hand in anxiety. I would ask for prayer as I "take" the test.

Then..."just kidding." We'd all laugh and my Mom would then nurture me with food.

I posed this scenario to my world of twitter and asked: 
Will my sweet hypertensive southern baptist mom find it funny? 

Unanimous consensus: No.

The best response came from a woman who knows us both. She knows my mother is lovely and trusting, yet insightful. She knows I am sneaky and crooked, yet believable.

Her response:
If you tell your mom that you're pregnant, she'll assume the baby is Jesus. Ergo, she won't be mad. Because who doesn't want to be The Messiah's GiGi.?

Yes, I just embroidered that on an apron.

{image: kygp

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  1. Where's the Like button for this? :)

  2. I literally laughed out loud at this ... "The Messiah's GiGi" is the part that owned me.

  3. jc: You clicked it.

    B JP: :-) The Savior's Meemaw? Either way - good times.

  4. Oh sweet sassy molassy, I'm dying! This might be the funniest thing I've seen all month. Granted it's only the 6th and there's a lot of potential funny left, but so far, YOU ARE IT! I need to share this with my mom, who is not only my boy's Gigi, but she also loves Jesus. She'll like this story.

  5. S: That is the highest of compliments coming from you. Seriously.


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