The Post About a Malihini in Hawaii

O'ahu, Hawaii
Girlfriends planning a trip to Hawaii.

It would be a breeze if we weren't so different.

Beth: Easiest traveler ever. Worked overseas for a season and still hits the road regularly for her current job. Loves to meet new people and occasionally will adopt an accent based on your country of origin.

Allison: Photographer who loves to hop a plane and find the sun so she can worship it in all its glory. She'll always offer to take a stranger's camera to snap a pic so no one's left out of the shot. She's not afraid to ditch her friends to find a sale. Always leaves room for wine in her luggage.

Caryann: Promotions director for a record label who jets off almost weekly for work. She is the ultimate in low maintenance and is generally a great travel companion because of it. 

She is my vacation nemesis.

You see, Caryann is not pro-plan. She embraces the spontaneity of life and craves the adventure of never knowing what's going to happen next.

That is ridiculous.

There should be color-coded folders with data aggregated from Yelp and TripAdvisor and Urban Spoon. Timelines and lists and local transportation maps downloaded to your phone. A gathering of promo codes and Groupons and various medications to ease the transition across time zones. There should be a plan.

So EVERY time Caryann and I travel together, we find ourselves at odds. Her with no boarding pass and me with no room for error.

Exhibit A Today's Facebook exchange after I suggested we all purchase a Groupon for 50% off surfing lessons in Honolulu:

Caryann: There is nothing in me that wants to be in the ocean w/ fish touching me.

Me: That is why I love that we keep going on ocean trips. The logic of it.

So help us out. What are your recommendations for us as we visit Oahu, Hawaii? What should we see, avoid, eat, try? Or better yet, where are you headed on your next vacation - I'd love ideas for the next trip...

Malihini means "newcomer or stranger to Hawaii."

{image: Jamie}


  1. Hahaha I'm with you sister, pass me the post-its, mama's got a travel guide to disect. Anyway, when we were in Oahu, we did most of the tourist stuff including the royal palace, which I totally dug. There's a movie and a tour and it's pretty darn interesting. If you want real authentic Hawaiian food, go to Helena's. It's a hole in the wall but pretty amazing. My Hawaiian friend took us there and that same week, the Man Vs Food guy went there too. Oh and go to McDonalds just to get a haupia pie, it's coconut! Yay!

  2. I think you should avoid each other. I'm more with Caryann. You're insane.

  3. I'm not irresponsible with no brain. Those are the artists I travel with. So in my job, I'm constantly scraping seat-back pockets to fetch the adored iPhone they are about to leave behind.

    I just like adventure. In my personal life I like to "see what happens". It feels much less like work that way.

    And it makes me more fun than you. So there.

  4. S: Such great tips - thank you Shannon! I love that we're kindred travel spirits...

    J: I'm thinking that avatar of yours reduces the value of your opinion exponentially.

    C: Thankfully none of your artists probably read this blog because I'm confident you would hurt their feelings. The feelings they hide behind v-neck shirts, skinny jeans, and Toms shoes.

  5. I suggest you take me to Hawaii because I like itineraries, plans and beaches. Although I would not go surfing with you. I'm kind of afraid of the water. I do snorkel! A little. Cautiously.

  6. KE: Shannon and Katie FTW! We'd probably do more in Hawaii in 8 days than Don Ho in a lifetime.

  7. That's no avatar toots. That's all Joseph.


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