The Post About a Weekend of Memorializing

Crazy busy weekend which will include:

Cilantro Bunch
1. Consuming as much of this glorious herb in a variety of dishes including The Pioneer Woman's Restaurant Style Salsa.

2. Getting this cup full of golden goodness. Then I will have spent hundreds of dollars for a gold piece of Starbucks plastic with my name on it. And I will love it like a child from my womb.

3. Playing more words like this and beating Karen933. She lives in the middle of nowhere where I'm pretty sure no one wears shoes outside in the same place they have to use the bathroom. Yet, she spells like a ninja on ADD meds. If you would like to spend time with me in this venue, please select Jamiesrabbits as your opponent.

4. Dropping cash at 2nd and Charles on real books with stitched binding and smelly pages.Click the picture to snag your own coupon.

Carnton Plantation Confederate Cemetary
5. Remembering what really matters.  

"The story of America's quest for freedom is inscribed on her history in the blood of her patriots."  Randy Vader

What are you doing? Is it better? Probably.

{images: Jamie}


  1. Cleaning closets, selling houses, taking pictures and acting like a kid with my niece and nephews.  That's how I roll...

  2. LOVE that picture of the cilantro. :-) I am helping a friend design/launch her knitting blog, eating pancakes AND biscuits for breakfast tomorrow morning, and may or may not be moving if I can find a place. :-)

  3. I am counting the stars until I get my GOLD STARBUCKS CARD which will clearly make me drop twenty pounds and become bestest buddies with the cool baristas... or something.

  4. Sounds like a score to me.

  5. Umm...I expect to see pics on your gorgeous blog of all those carbs. Oh my.

  6. Yay for us. I buy coffee to keep my gall bladder healthy. My gold card will be medicinal.

  7. Oh, and you'll probably get an wwf invite from me soon...

  8. I'm going geocaching. Gonna find me some buried treasure. Yeearrgghhh!

    "I will love it like a child from my womb." Hahaha. Love it!

  9. Woah, I love that blogrocket badge! How did you do that?

  10. I'm proud to say I've been geocaching and actually loved it - how fun!

  11. Believe it or not, I messaged Bryan early on - asked for something in white - and he went above and beyond one day later. I might be teacher's pet. Until the check doesn't clear.

  12. Do it. Bring it. Spell it.


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