The Post About What You've Done That's Awesome

Strawberry Goat Cheese Bruschetta

Last week, I solicited your words of wisdom about asking a boy out on the town. Did I mention your advice was crazy good?

It was.

The boy is out of town but I've nudged him digitally a couple of times to remind him how fabulous I am. We seem to be on the same page about that. I'll keep you posted. 


I've joined Blogrocket. It's like a 12-step program for bloggers. Of course, the problem you admit to in step one may actually be BEING a blogger. It's a snazzy site designed and governed by Bryan Allain to help bloggers reach their goals. 

Don't worry, I don't really have goals.

A recent blogrocketeer suggestion was to find out what you, the rabbit readers, have done in the last few months that you think is awesome.

So let's hear it. Share a link to one or all of the following from the past 3 months:
  • A favorite blog post and why you want to hug it like a fat baby.
  • A favorite moment you've captured on film. Or on iphone. Or on old timey sketchpad.
  • A favorite tweet. I'm looking to stalk more people via Twitter.
I cannot guarantee I won't steal your writing style, photography perspective or 140 characters. You've been warned.

Note: The most awesome thing I did recently was eat that glorious snacky snack you see above. Strawberry Goat Cheese Bruschetta. Recipe via the delightful Shutterbean.

{image: Jamie}


  1. Favorite post I have read in 3 months?! That's hard. How about in the last week? Rachel Held Evans on what "biblical" means. Loved it. http://rachelheldevans.com/better-conversations-biblical-womanhood-part-2

    Shameless plug: My favorite post was from today. Genesis 49: Famous Last Tweets. http://thewholedangthing.wordpress.com/2011/05/31/genesis-49-famous-last-tweets/

  2. Love this picture I snapped a couple of weeks ago while doing my Bible reading outside at 5:30 am. Which, incidentally, was the only morning I have done that.

  3. This is hard because everything I do is awesome! :)

    My favorite photo is this one of my cat Jack - http://www.flickr.com/photos/plainchicken/5748765629/
    I wish I were this carefree!

    My favorite blog post is probably this one for Chicken Parmesan Crescents - love these!

    Favorite tweet - https://twitter.com/#!/plainchicken/status/75043832290480128

  4. No - it's all shameless plug time - even though I'm glad you shared Rachel's post - such meaty yummy stuff.

    Umm... your post was HILARIOUS. Seriously. And I only think my mother is funny.

  5. the best thing I did this month was beat Jamie in Words With Friends. At least I think i did.

  6. Thanks! Feel free to share it if you like! Your mom sounds awesome.

  7. and I see that you just did. haha! Thanks again!

  8. You deserve a high ten. God and I have come to an understanding that sunrises are overrated, but that pic might sway me.

  9. Your first sentence is dead on.

    Photo: I sometimes look like Jack at work at approximately 2:18pm.
    Post: I starred that recipe in my reader because I stared at the picture for more than 15 seconds. The sign I want to make it. I stare at your site a lot.
    Tweet: Oh to be carded... Jealous.

  10. Shut it Bryan. Don't make me block you like a terrorist.

  11. Thanks. I like sunsets {cause you know you don't have to get up before the sun to see 'em} much better but we have a multitude of tall trees on the west side of our property so I can't capture them as well as I'd like.

  12. Your Wishlist was brilliant and made a huge impact - good call!
    I want a patio to go with your gorgeous ladder chandelier. I also need to rub your head for good luck.

  13. Here's a post I read from apologist Jonathan Morrow a few weeks back - it's terse but good....

    As far as my favorite posts go - here is one that could use some love from others than me...http://tinyurl.com/35lkhjv

  14. Jonathan's post WAS terse - but in a great way...good link!

    I'm surprised urinal angst doesn't bring out more comments - it inspired me...

  15. So um, this blogrocket thing looks interesting. but ugghhh, i have no money. maybe if i tell the dude he's hot i can get a discount?

    Most awesome thing I've blogged about lately? My Philly blog meet-up. I'm proud of it. Not that it has happened yet but still, I feel like kind of a big deal. And more importantly, why aren't you coming to Philadelphia??? http://shannonsswell.blogspot.com/2011/05/its-always-bloggy-in-philadelphia.html

  16. You would fit in perfectly at BlogRocket - too bad Gabe is stealing all your cash.

    Did I Google all long it would take to drive to Philadelphia? 14 hours. I would have been all in if Google hadn't thrown in the dreaded "Route has tolls."

  17. This blog that I hope works for me is a about a dear friend who was dying.
    This blog was hard to write and I hope you could see the love I have for this famliy.


  18. That blog post wrecked me then and now when I re-read it. It's why you should write more. And join Blogrocket.


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