The Post About Your Inside vs. Your Outside

Someone recently quipped that you can tell someone's age by the contents of their pill box.

Mine would tell you I have attention deficit issues and possible uterine frustration.

Aging. Is it a necessary evil or a proud accomplishment?

Me thinks it's relative.

If you're like me, then your interior self is likely in conflict with your exterior self.

Interior Jamie:
1. She thinks she's 24 years old.
2. She thinks she can snow ski blue moguls.
3. She thinks her hair is brown.

Exterior Jamie:
1. She's 35 and 8 months.
2. Her left knee does not support moguls.
3. Her hair IS brown, but it requires occasional salon support.

Some of my seasoned coworkers have confirmed that the battle between the inside and outside will only become bloodier as the clock ticks away.

I'm all about the wisdom. And the experience. And the lessons learned. 

But I'd also like to pull an all-nighter and be no worse for wear.

How does your inside fight with your outside?

{image: Jamie}


  1. My insides usually force their way outside, but unfortunately I mean that in a complete gastrointestinal sort of way. When I was younger, my insides kept their metaphorical mouth shut.

  2. My inside thinks I can walk and hike - my outside says, "Whoa, Nelly! Not yet!" It is vexing. :-)

  3. I think I can outrun 18 year olds in games of ultimate frisbee. Turns out I can't and then I am uber sore the next day. I'm totally smarter than them though. So I have that going for me. :)

  4. My inside me sees new-fangled M&Ms in your photo for this post, while my exterior me sees half the supplements I suck down each day with a glass of warm prune juice.

  5. My outside still sees Mexican food and says "YUM!!"  After consuming, my inside says "What were you thinking girl?  Where did I put those tums? 

  6. Insides tend to get more diva-like as you get older. And they are demanding about being on the main stage.

  7. You're inside is very ghetto fabulous.

  8. Inside vision always seems to be a bit fuzzy and dreamlike. Warm prune juice, really?

  9. "Vexing" is the perfect descriptor for the war that wages.

  10. My inside thinks I can still play basketball.  My outside would be on crutches the next day...

  11. My insides and outsides fight too. I like to think that as my outside wears away, that my inside gets stronger.

  12. My inside dreams of basketball but my outside is 5'2".

  13. My inside dreams of basketball but my outside is 5'2".

  14. I'm going to wrap my insides around that declaration!


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