The Post About Friends Who Are Cheerleaders and The Other Option

I was sick last Friday. The day before my birthday.

Crazy sick.

The type of sick that prompts you to consider your time on Earth and then determine it's probably been sufficient.

This was a cry for help to my two best friends:
Kara and Caryann provide accountability, laughter, honesty, vulnerability and a love for God that is often unparalleled. One of these confidantes is a "cheerleader" and one is a little less that.

Can you guess who's who by their responses to my text?

Kara is my cheerleader. Caryann is the other one.

But don't we need both? 

We need those friends who will lift us up with spirit fingers and tell us everything will be okay. We also need those friends who will shake us and ask "Have you lost your ever-lovin' mind?" 

Do you have both? Which kind of friend are you?

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