The Post About Three Tweet Commentary

Here are a few expanded thoughts on three tweets I recently posted. 

"I'll see ya in another life, brotha..." Is it strange to yearn for the return of a television character? Well...normal is overrated. I can become strangely enmeshed with these people who come into my life and then leave too soon. I should be as committed to my friends in real life.

For the record, I also miss Jessie Spano, Dale Horvath, Sydney Bristow, and Anastasia Beaverhausen.

Which fictional character would you spend some time with on a Saturday?

My Dad is 66 years old. I have one job as his grown responsible daughter - keep him out of sandals and socks. Which children are failing their fathers? Is it you? It's time for an intervention. Also, let's consider some in-love-confrontation for men in pleated pants, sports jerseys on Wednesdays, and scrunchies. I don't care if the future wife of Prince Harry apparently buys them in bulk.

What do you think is one of the biggest fashion faux pas?

My friend Laura McClellan is graciously hosting me while in Nashville this weekend for the Storyline Conference. She has this cat...Beckett. He does not enjoy me. And I get this. I'm a lot. A LOT. But I have three days to convert him so we can make a video together.

Maybe one similar to this new favorite:

What's something frivolous on your bucket list?

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