The Post About The Beach Family Photo and Why It's Wrong

I try to keep Jamie's Rabbits fenced up and separated from topics that would possibly bite. If you're ever jonesing for controversy, I'm probably not the dealer of choice. Unless my preference for peep toed shoes over children strikes a nerve.

Unfortunately, my feelings about this issue are too strong. I cannot still my fingers from typing out this diatribe.


Pretty Please?

Here's the thing. If you wouldn't wear these clothes out together to get dinner or see a movie, then why would you wear it for a forever photo?

Plus, let's talk about jeans at the beach. Who does that without the photographer present? Umm...the homeless.

But if you're going to do it, don't let the kid tantrum you into letting him wear his logo hoodie and ruin it even further.

And don't think you can tint the photograph and that make it artistic and moving.

Sephia + Beach Uniform = Conformity

And since we're already in the ditch on this one, surely only a mother could possibly love her child's back and calves and elbow flap enough to covet this picture. When you force your coworkers to view these attempts at artistry, they only coo out of kindness. Or because they're thinking about how much they love their own child's heels and triceps and will be photographing them later that day on the back porch.

Billy and James Robert at Panama City Beach
This is a good beach photo. Adorable children doing what you actually do at the beach in clothes that are appropriate. And I'm not just saying this because I'm legally obligated to them ("hi boys" from your fairy godmother!)

However, if your heart is still set on all I have judged (and who I am to judge anyway?)

Please accept this broken fence and sandgrass as a small token of my apology.
It waits for you.