The Post About Acting Someone Else's Age

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asked last time if there was anything about you that reads a bit younger than you actually are? Since you were fairly quiet on the issue, I thought I would self-disclose the areas in which I struggle to be mature:

1. Nail polish. I have a hankering for black and I don't worship the devil.

2. My birthday. I still like to celebrate more than one day. I party on the day I arrive until the day I was scheduled to arrive - so a solid two weeks.

3. Celebrity Crush. One word:

4. Vacation with my parents.
I'm not afraid to share a car and a table at a cafeteria with my Mom and Pop. Grand Canyon 2010.

5. Decor. I do so enjoy the second floor of Urban Outfitters when needing design ideas.

6. Pranks. A night that ends with 500 forks in someone's yard is a good night.

7. My Father. I often call him "daddy," especially when I need a ladder or someone to underwrite my bills.

8. Pop Culture. I may obsess over such fare as Sonny with a Chance, the music of Selena Gomez and books categorized as Young Adult, such as Twilight, Harry Potter, etc.

9. Lunch. Peanut butter and jelly make for a delightful meal. If only there was kool-aid and a note in my sack.

10. Personality. Sarcasm will take 10 years off your life.

{image: Jamie}