The Post About Good Friday, Saturday, and Sunday


I missed you.

Let's recap my time away, shall we?

While driving, I encountered this:

DSC_4791 copy
This is not my church.

Two reasons:

1. Crosses shouldn't have tails.

2. Singing should always be an option.

I threw a little shindig in honor of Good Friday.

DSC_4441 copy
No better party guests than meat and photobomb fanatics.

But we must keep our eye on the prize.


DSC_4782 copy
And eggs.

DSC_4484 copy
When you don't have one of those things in your life or in your basket - the grumps follow fast.

DSC_4703 copy copy
Easter Sunday is meant for celebration and matching outfits. Since I didn't have a hubby or child to dress up in Easter jeans to match my own, I captured my second favorite family - the Kinnairds. This was the after.

DSC_4733 copy
This was the before and before that and slightly before that.

Easter portraits are really overrated.

DSC_4783 copy
Unless they include a great weekend wrap-up scene like this one on the family farmstead.

Thanks Mom for the UpFromTheGraveHeArose Mac-N-Cheese. And the nap.

How was your Easter?

{images: Jamie}


  1. I have seen that sign everyday on my way to work. I thought the same thing as you did! What in the world were they thinking???? But...I can't say that I am surprised!

  2. Love the pictures...especially the cool dude in the grill pic.

  3. I'm going to assume that since these Kinnaird photos have been posted publicly, I may post them as well.

    And dear Joseph and Kara: thank you for spawning. It has brought me great joy.

  4. M: When you stand that close to the sign, you must not think it through?

    L: That dude is cool. I think his name is Kevin.

    C: The whole world should get to enjoy the family that puts the "fun" in dysfunction.


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