The Post About Musical Flashback Giveaway

The first cassette tape I ever owned was a gift from my parents. It was Amy Grant's The Collection. I literally wore it out from singing Sing Your Praises to the Lord at my 34-key keyboard. And although I'm fairly certain Jesus was compelled to mute me, it's a lesson He's still trying to teach me.

The second cassette I ever owned was a gift to myself. It was Cyndi Lauper's She's So Unusual. I think my mom generously chose to ignore the meaning of songs like She Bop in order to let her little girl dance like a crazy person while singing Money Changes Everything. Another lesson Jesus is still trying to teach me.

But some of my favorite music memories are found in 1994 to 1995. I whipped together a Spotify playlist including 30+ of my favorites from that time.

I wanted to learn to play the harmonica because of John Popper. I wanted to wear all black and be sad because of Dolores O'Riordan. I was willing to date someone with my same name because of Jamie Walters.

To this day, Babyface's When Can I See You makes me want to curl up with Häagen-Dazs and pine under the duvet.

Since I didn't want to be the only one musically reminiscing, how's about a giveaway? I will give away music moolah to TWO lucky winners to the digital music vendor of your choice: iTunes, Amazon, or GooglePlay. Winners will be chosen randomly.

The only thing you have to do to enter is follow the easy instructions in this handy Rafflecopter box.

a Rafflecopter giveaway
Just like the box instructed, answer the question: What song makes you musically flashback in the best kind of way?


The Post About The Bachelor: For The Love

I think if you get to know me, there are a few things you'd discern. I like to know a lot. I like to laugh a lot. I like to eat out a lot.

You would also know Monday night was a very important time in my life.
1. The University of Alabama secured another national championship.
2. The 17th season of The Bachelor premiered.

That second one may seem silly for a smart and worldly gal like myself, but there is nothing better than being a voyeur for 10-12 weeks of reality crazy found on The Bachelor and its slightly grumpier sister The Bachelorette.

Plus, you get the following:
1. Live Twitter Feed. Following the hashtag #TheBachelor during the episode will make you giggle and gasp and shake your head at the goodness found on The Internet. Including my favorite from this season's bachelor Sean Lowe.

2. Episode Recaps from Knox McCoy. Other than the Bible, there is nothing better or funnier you could read each week.

3. Podcast from Yours Truly: For Love. I get to chat with Knox about our take on each episode. It's one of my favorite conversations. Click below to take a listen.

But all these things are made possible because of the episodes themselves. Join us this season for the comedy and tragedy that is The Bachelor.

Watch Episode 1: (embedded)

Listen to the Podcast (embedded)

Do you watch The Bachelor? Why or Why Not?


The Post About Catching Up Via Twitter

How's about we catch up from the holidays?

I spent two solid weeks reading books, eating Mom's peanut butter fudge, and watching really crappy TV.

It was divine.

During the break, I tried to stay connected to the Internet...you know...because I have an addiction to social media.

First step, right?

Here are a selection of my tweets and a little writer's commentary.

Do you have those words you just cannot spell? This is mine. There's also "accommodate." Double consonants are my nemesis. What are your spelling enemies?

I want to love scarves and fuzzy socks and snow. But I've realized I have about a 4 day tolerance for winter. And that's really only if I'm planted at a ski resort. Do you fancy the cold?

Remember how I told you once I spent Christmas and New Year's watching crappy television? It included infomercials. I mean...all of them. "Insanity" is the worst. I look at the before pictures of the women and think "What's the problem?" Have you ever bought something from an infomercial?

I babysat my godsons who are 8 and 6. Moms of boys - how do you go to the bathroom when you're in public? I finally waited for a stranger in a Krispy Kreme Doughnuts to seem pleasant enough to watch them so I could pee. Was that not right?

Surviving ADD...one day at a time. 

You should answer the above embedded questions. Yes, you.
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