The Post About Xtra Bacon: Holiday Movies

Some of my favorite people on the Internet are those I met on blogging forums and Twitter. You may even be one of them.

Assume it.

This week, I gathered round the laptop and chatted with three such favorites - Knox McCoy, Amanda Bast, and Joseph Craven.  We dissected the upcoming holiday movies.

Here's a sneak peek of our take on the movie Killing Them Softy with Brad Pitt:

You can hear the whole shebang by choosing one of the following:

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Which 2012 holiday movie have you already loved or can't wait to love?

I'll go first: Zero Dark Thirty. I read the fantastic No Easy Day by Mark Owen and knew I wanted to see the hunt for Osama Bin Laden on screen.


The Post About Finding Blood in Your Belly Button

As I've gotten older, I've become more discriminating about my friends and how we spend our time.

Specifically, I enjoy folks who like to eat out and hang out. My taste in food has matured over the years, but my taste in chatter hasn't always kept up.

Recently, a group of us found a patio on an unusually warm December night and played my favorite conversation starter.

Google Fills In The Blank.

As you may know, when you type inside the Google search box, autocomplete displays searches that might be similar to the one you're typing. The predictions are a result of Google searches by people all over the web.

The next time you're gathered with people you love, choose a prompt and see what goodness Google has in store.

Here's a sample of that night's patio babble.

Google knows me so well. I have actually searched for all of those but one.

I know why ice floats.

I'm pretty sure #2 and #3 will make #4 a breeze.

I find people lie when they are ovulating.

GUYS. Kids may be overrated.

Spoiler Alert: All of the above.

This is why Google autocomplete wins the Internet.

And conversations with friends.


The Post About The Rabbit Recommends v.114

Each week or so I post things of which I'm fond. You can choose what happens after my recommendation. Ignore, embrace, debate. Earlier volumes of The Rabbit Recommends can be found here.

I wish more families sent me Christmas cards like this - you know...reality. 

Did you wonder who the the 30 most important cats of 2012 were? Yes...there are videos.

I don't understand why this volleyball player didn't spike this ball and then simply pretend to drop the mic.

Type "Festivus" into Google and start your list of grievances.

I can't wait for this year's Golden Globes because of these two.

Entertainment Weekly highlights 25 movies you should see before Oscar night. As of today, I've seen 6. I don't understand why Step Up 4 is not on this list.

Apple released the Best Apps of 2012. I downloaded The Room (iPad game of the year) and was simultaneously in love and freaked out. {creepy sound effects}

I'm giving away a $40 Amazon gift card here on the blog and $50 Outlets of Grand River on the Jamie's Rabbits Facebook page.

Finally, a few serious recommendations regarding the serious tragedy in Newtown, CT.

Jared Hollier writes about how overwhelming moments of grief today often lead us to remember that there is a tomorrow. “It’s not supposed to be like this. But it is. For now."

Nicholas Kristof asks the crucial question "Do We Have The Courage To Stop This?" in his Sunday column of the New York Times. He doesn't support a ban on guns, but rather treat it as the public health crisis that it is. "And don’t say that it won’t make a difference because crazies will always be able to get a gun. We’re not going to eliminate gun deaths, any more than we have eliminated auto accidents. But if we could reduce gun deaths by one-third, that would be 10,000 lives saved annually." 

Rachel Held Evans asks those on social media such as Twitter and Facebook to consider withholding judgment on those who grieve differently than we might prefer. "So let’s grieve together. And let’s give one another the space to be shocked, to be pissed, to appeal to God, to be angry with God, to find peace in God, to question God, to want to take action, to want to wait, to blame, to pray, to be afraid, to be speechless, to vent, to lament, to speak up, to be silent, to pull our families close to us, to need some time alone." 

Last night's cold open for Saturday Night Live:

What you do you recommend from the web this week?


The Post About $40 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway

I'm a reader. Since 1st grade. Well...halfway through 1st grade. But still...

One of my favorite gifts to give AND get is a fantastic book. Not THE favorite gift because obviously that's cash. I mean...you don't hear people say "fiction is king." Because it's not. It's good and intriguing and relaxing...unless of course it's a Stephen King novel. And that literally IS KING but not relaxing.


As far as books I would deem "fantastic," I thought I'd provide a quick short list of ninety-five of my faves in this handy dandy widget.   

Since it would be rude to parade all these great reads in front of you without the means to snag them...how about a giveaway?

Simply follow the instructions from Rafflecopter below and you'll have up to 5 chances to win. The only required thing is to leave a comment sharing a book you might want to give or get. 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Fine Print: Open to those 18+ in US or Canada. Amazon sends me more emails than my friends, but they don't know anything about this giveaway. It's all me.


The Post About 5 Etiquette Tips for Instagram

I sure do fancy Instagram.

I know it appears to be just another social media network to get sucked into and appearances are not deceiving. However, I still love it so.

Of the 200-odd folks I follow (and that hypen may be in the wrong place) I don't actually know but a handful of them in real life. However, I like to visually learn about their lives, understand their perspectives, and creep up on them.

It's fine.

For those of you who are IG-pros or new to the platform, let's explore some ways to win at Instagram.

Here are my 5 Instagram Etiquette Tips:
1. #hashtagabuse: #its #annoying #as #all #getout I like the occasional hashtag to connect my pic to a community of people who also like #cakepops or #cheezits or #thor. But otherwise, you're bummin' people out with the laundry list of tags. Seriously.

2. Josie Grossie. I know "gross" is relative, but for me it includes pictures of the following:
  • Dead Animals
  • Toilet Bowls
  • Injuries 
  • Wonky Feet
3. Jesus Loves Thieves and Whores, But... Snagging a photograph off the web and then presenting it as your own is not cool. And illegal. Also, I'm sure your boobs are probably real AND spectacular, but calm down.

4. Don't Hog The Feed. Actually, you can post as many pics as you'd like as often as you'd like, but know that people are sadfaceemoticon when they have to scroll past a dozen of your pics every other hour.
5. Hi, This Is My Face. Again. Selfies. If you post self-portraits more often than not, then you need to start hashtagging those photos with #iwasnotheldenoughasababy.

Here are some pet peeves of your own...

Of course, Instagram really is whatever you want it to be as the wise The Joseph Craven would want us to believe.

What are your tips or pet peeves when it comes to Instagram?


The Post About Being Thankful in December

{image: Me, Instagram, a few of my favorite things}

I'm grateful that being thankful in November is over.

Reading that previous sentence confirms my suspicion I might be more than a bit ornery.

Last month, my Facebook feed was filled with genuine expressions of gratitude for people and things and circumstances that were unique to each person. Until about November 17. And then the well ran dry.

Some friends started referencing short lines at Wal-Mart and the mean Dad who didn't show up for little league practice. There were mentions of size 6 clothing that still fit and all green lights on the morning commute.

Bah humbug.

Then God found Himself in my face for the upteenth time.

He started with scripture. HE ALWAYS STARTS WITH THE DANG BIBLE.

I Thessalonians 5:16-18. Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, give thanks in all circumstances;...
He provides a 3-step program - joy, prayer and gratitude.

How great would it be if verse 18 ended with "you know...if you have time in your schedule and all the planets I created align?"

But it doesn't. It ends with this:
...for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you. 
The will of God. So...the big kahuna. Purpose. That thing we were all designed for and should be seeking.

It's found in joy, prayer, and gratitude.

Less bah humbug.

So here's what I'm thankful for this very moment:
1. The coworker who donated flavored creamer to the breakroom.
2. The pop-up Post-It dispenser on my desk.
3. Christmas playlists.

What are you thankful for right this second?
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