The Post About the Rabbit Recommends v.3

Each weekend, I post a readable, a watchable, and a listenable of which I'm fond. You can choose what happens next. See volume 1 of this series here and volume 2 here.


I am late to the blog-reading party, but I have become a fan of so many. The one I want to highlight is one of the funniest. Stuff That White People Like is a testament to how similar we may be (but generally not in a cool way.) Plus, it's a list. I love lists. There's even a book that Amazon should send to me as a thank you for all the money I send to them.


Yes, I will claim it. I would marry this movie if that law would pass. I wanted to be a figure skater in 1992 so I could triple lutz my own way to an Olympic medal (although I'd never actually been ice skating.) I also wanted to be Asian like Kristi Yamaguchi. My parents are to blame for both of those dreams not coming true (Chapters 6 and 1 of my upcoming tell-all.)


Speaking of Asian figure skaters...I saw Michelle Kwan (always-a-bridesmaid...) skate to this song at the 2002 Olympics and searched diligently for it. I know it's original to Sting, but Eva Cassidy made it all the more beautiful as she did many songs. Run, don't walk to iTunes and download the following from Eva: Time After Time, Songbird, Ain't No Sunshine, Somewhere Over the Rainbow, True Colors and this song (Fields of Gold). It will be the best $6.50 you've ever spent.

Your recommendations?


The Post About Jamie is...

Someone asked me yesterday why I started blogging. We had both read the same article in Relevant Magazine by Brett McCracken called "The Problem of Pride in the Age of Twitter."

McCracken said: “We’ve become obsessed with ‘status,’ but not status in the sense of being objectively measurable (as in our vital stats) or community-derived (as in our class or social status), but status in the attention deficit sense of ‘what I am doing right now.’ Communication is no longer about learning things from people or sharing experiences; its about knowing what they’re doing and how they’re feeling – or at least how they want the world to perceive them as such."

That definitely resonates with me. I talked to a friend recently who I hadn't heard from in more than 2 years. However, because we are "friends" online, I already knew the answer to my question "What have you been up to?" I knew because I could read her info page, or see her status updates, or read her blog, or see her relationship status change, or look at the pictures in her photo albums. I could do all of this without saying one word to her. Is that normal? Or rather, is that okay?

Not really. I do think if you make the important relationships in your life a reality in the 3 dimensional world, then you are on the right track. That's my Chinese New Year's Resolution.

So - why do I blog? Initially, it was a therapeutic technique. One of my closest friends moved 2100 miles away in July and she was the one I detailed many of these random moments to. This was a way to maintain that piece of the friendship...

But as gravy, I like it. It's me Polaroiding my life. Without the shaking.

Readers who blog - why do you do it?


The Post About Obama & SweetTarts

Yesterday, my mail lady brought me a box filled with the most fabulous things:

(clockwise from bottom)
  • Letter "J" ornament (I am slightly obsessed with my name)
  • "Love Your Mother Earth" grocery tote (support for my NY's resolution)
  • Bulletin from Christ Community Church
  • Barack Obama shirt (see backstory later in the post)
  • Cupcake Pajamas (with a lovely gift card in the pocket)
  • Cupcake spaptulas
  • Magnet with Friendship Quote
  • Notebook with Pen with letter "J" in corner (see first bullet)
  • Bag of SweetTarts (God's manna candy)
  • (center) Holiday cupcake liners
  • (center) Peanut M&Ms (my favorite chocolate)
  • (center) Tootsie Roll Stick (my unfavorite fake chocolate)
  • (underneath) Huge BB&B canvas tote

My friend Allison from Louisiana who is one of my favorite people sent this medley of fun to me to celebrate baby Jesus' 1 month birthday. She is one of the best gift givers I know mainly because she listens when you talk. This trait also makes her an incredible friend.

Thank you Allison!

Obama Shirt Backstory: I was on the phone with Allison when she visited a store to search out a Barack Obama shirt for me (Allison and I choose to agree to disagree on politics). When she asked the little guy behind the counter for help, he said "We're sold out, but we have plenty of shirts with Jesus on them." What does that say about Louisiana?


The Post About Betty & Veronica

This post is audience-specific. Again. Last week's recap was fun for me, so here's another round:

Here are my reactions as I watched this week's episode "Jughead":
**This is why Desmond and I wouldn't live on a boat. Babies were meant to be birthed by surrogates in clean maternity suites at Catholic hospitals. I guess Penny and Desi got down to business on creating lil' Denny after dumping the Oceanic 6.
**I thought he was talking about The Island too. But Great Britain has scary monsters too as a result of the rain and bad teeth.
**I've decided that Miles is the video host's son. He has a bad attitude because the #15 bunny was his and Pop made him sick from all the weekend time traveling.
**Quote Break: Locke: “ Who are these people?” Sawyer: “Well, gee, I didn't have time to ask that with Frogurt on fire an' all.”
**Juliet using her mad Others language skills – I hate her less.
**It's Senor Senior, Jr – lookin' young & snazzy as ever!
**People don't tend to trust people who wear their sunglasses inside, Desmond. Creepy music. Picture of mullet Daniel. More creepy music. Creepy guy who sounds like Bert from Mary Poppins. The evidence is mounting against Dan.
**Didn't you just say to keep them thinking you're military? Someone has ADD.
**Romantic music. Ahh...DF + CL 4 EVER
**Locke has man boobs in back to the future. She says “Ricardos Alpert” and Locke asks “Did you say Richard Alpert?” Umm...Locke is the chosen one?
**Daniel is the new Sun who was the new Ben. No? (I hope not...he's so cute and in love.)
**So “Jughead” is not just the goofy sidekick to Archie. People didn't trust Marty McFly and they don't trust you, Danny. That's why everyone needs a gun.
**Widmore is probably going to know you are in England if you bust up in his office. Speaking of Charlie Widmore – he needs some of that serum Ricardos is using. Looks like he could have gotten it if he hadn't been so fussy back at the camp. Speaking of Charlie - you named him after the Hobbit - ahh?
**Cue the Huey Lewis music. And C.S. Lewis is down for the count.
Previews: That's right - he's the one to kiss.

The Post About Needing a Cigarette

My friend, Joseph, said once "You never really quit smoking. It's just been a long time since the last cigarette." He indicated he could pick up the bad habit without hesitation, but he chooses not to - good call.

Addictions are hairy things. When I look at my own life, there's hardly anything I couldn't live without - really nothing. Except this:

It's not really the bed I need. (Although, the high thread count sheets and fluffy down duvet are nothing to scoff at.) It's sleep. I crave it in a way that rivals a heroin addict hankering for a hit. And not just a little bit of sleep. A lot of it. I slept 9.5 hours just last night and could have gone 2-3 more hours, easy breezy. The phone is off, the room is dark, and the temperature hovers at 64. All in attempts to keep me on that heavenly high just a tad longer.

I can make it through long days, just by repeating the mantra "You'll get to sleep late on Saturday." I plan my schedule for meetings that start at 10am and brunches that take place at noon in order to feed my habit. On Sundays, I wake up extra early for Jesus, say "Hi" and then immediately think "I can't wait for my Sunday nap." I can prompt instant hyperventilation at the very thought of birthing children who will hatefully steal my drug of choice. I walk fast, talk fast, type fast, eat fast, and watch TV fast to support the theory: Get more done while awake, sleep even longer.

Some of you might say "I'm sleeping the day away" or "You have a problem."

I say "Stick it."


The Post About Blue Diamonds

I took this picture from seat 10D on United Flight 6675. I wanted the plane to land so I could ski.

In the words of Liz Lemon "I want to go to there."

I am craving some fresh powder and hot village cocoa. Who's with me?


The Post About Fightin' Grannies

My church hosts an annual Chili and Dessert cook-off each year in January. Picture 25 crock-pots lined up and enough sugar to lose a foot.

I have competed the last three years to disastrous results. One of the dessert judges suggested I make something not-so-sweet in order to be more competitive. I started researching all things post-entree over 6 weeks ago in order to find the perfect entry. I thought God had provided a lamb via an email from the Food Network. Big and bold in all its HTML glory was this:

Red Velvet Cupcakes with Cream Cheese icing. Winner of the #1 dessert of 2008.

I thought if I combined this accoladed recipe with my sassy mixer, then it was in the bag. I continued to think this even as I placed those beautiful little sugar/flour/butter nuggets into my Cupcake Courier. Isn't she pretty?

However, I had miscalculated the competition. Specifically, women over 65. This demographic is disproportionately represented in my faith family. This can be good when you want warm hugs and sweet smiles. But when you are headed to the starting line of a cooking competition? Umm...no. These are women who were raised cooking with one pot and a Bic lighter. Who used the sun to make tea and kept the pig as a pet until it was time for bacon.

For me to even think I could have my pathetic cupcakes placed on the same table as their perfect pies and terrific trifles - was a battle with pride I was sure to lose.

And I did.


The Post About the Rabbit Recommends v.2

Each weekend, I post a readable, a watchable, and a listenable of which I'm fond. You can choose what happens next. See volume 1 of this series here.


I have a first lady crush on Laura Bush. I hope to say the same for Michelle Obama (so far, so good with her j.crew lifestyle.) American Wife by Curtis Sittenfeld bares a striking resemblance to the life of Mrs. Bush, so much so that I have a book crush on it. It even made me love "Charlie," the husbandly character who was fabulously crazy when he got a DUI, bought a baseball team and then became a politician with no experience. It was on the top 10 of 2008 at Entertainment Weekly - my bible of all things shiny.

If you have not discovered the treasure that is The Colbert Report - get to diggin'. There is no better way to digest your news and still be able to think you got the real story. Here's a tasty taste: "We'll never get the big government gorilla off our backs as long as we keep feeding the money monkey with our banana bucks. And it'll keep throwing its fiscal feces at us. I can run with this metaphor as long as I have to."


When you think of college (if you ever think of college), I hope music plays a part. It did for me - in a huge way. Blues Traveler, Alanis Morissette, TLC, The Cranberries and yes, Celine Dion all transport me back. But none more so than Patty Griffin. Her first album, Living with Ghosts, is still the best (in my humble...)

Your recommendations?


The Post About Being Prepared

Blogger note: And now for some heavy...
I talked to a friend yesterday about a situation in her life that's muddy. She has a dear relative who announced at Christmas that he and his wife were expecting. It was such a great moment for the family since last summer they had buried their little girl after only having spend 90 minutes with her outside of the womb. Their daughter had been diagnosed with anencephaly while in utero. Basically, she was missing her cerebrum. Her Dad wrote the following just a few days after her birth last June:

"It gives us comfort to know that she is now in heaven with Jesus. She will receive a perfect, glorified body and will welcome us along with our Savior when we arrive there someday. We know that God is in control and that he has a plan for our lives. We praise Him for all things, and we are thankful for His guidance, His strength, and His peace during this most difficult time."

This week, that lovely Mom and Dad found out their current baby has the same disorder (apparently a rare possibility). My friend and I were chatting about how our hearts hurt for this young couple. We could not imagine how their faith in God will be challenged with this second tragedy. I realized with this news that wrapping myself in the Word of God is absolutely crucial in order to spiritually manage these crises when they come (and we're promised they will come.) And not just when I happen to trip over my Bible or when my Pastor chews it up for me on Sunday, but immersing myself on a daily basis. Who knows what dark moment I might face when I leave my office today or what phone call will wreck my plans? The boy scouts have it right.
Now we see things imperfectly as in a cloudy mirror, but then we will see everything with perfect clarity. All that I know now is partial and incomplete, but then I will know everything completely, just as God now knows me completely. 1 Corinthians 13:12


The Post About High Five

I love bi-partisan humor.

Blogger note: This video is snazzy and uplifting. Not all funnyordie videos are....


The Post About Hearting a Shih Tzu

This blog will be very audience-specific.

I watched the Lost prep course at 7pm(CST) which is always helpful. I can never remember everything about everybody. Too much faux sweetener in my life.

Here are my reactions as I watched the series premiere:
**8:15am...it's all about the details – I love Darlton.

**Who knew the creepy video scientist had a cute nugget baby and more aliases than you can count?
**Shut up. Cutie patootie Danny Faraday is in the past?
**Jack still needs to shave. Look,Jack shaved. Thank you, McLostie.
**Sawyer has no shirt and Rose was at church? I need closed captioning.
**The so-called life Dad is waving papers at Kate and her no-legitimate son, Aaron. He doesn't know he's dealing with a tracker.
**It's Eko's heroin mother of Jesus plane...or is it? Ethan would like to know. Wait, Ethan? Buh, bye Ethan.
Quote Break “So when are we now, whiz kid?”
**Motherhood may not have helped Sun with her rage issues.
**I hope Sayid takes a straightener with him back to the island. His hair looks better when it's did.
Quote Break “Maybe if you ate more comfort food, you wouldn't have to go around shooting people.”
Quote Break “I need a cool code name.”
**I'm going to start putting scotch tape on my doors to inform me when the lizards have crossed the threshold. Nifty tip, Sayid. Who knew my dishwasher could be a weapon? Mine's probably not since I've been cleaning the same glass for 3 weeks and it can't get rid of that dumb spot.
**I want whatever Oil of Olay that lovely Richard is using. I love you Senor Senior, Jr. Yes, I know it's you.
**Ahh...tenderhearted Sawyer combined with choking Sawyer. Still no shirt.
**I am going to start asking God for a sexy husband who says “bruh-tha” in or out of a haz mat suit. But he and I will not be living on a boat.
**Oooh...backshadowing. Hurley holds grudges? Maybe not. Ana Lucia? She's dead,yet helpful. I wish we could have seen Haley Joel Osment's reflection in the windshield.
**There is no better place to buy clothes than the Flying J. Especially if you love your dog and maybe have man boobs..
**And Neil said “Let there be fire.” Suddenly I'm watching Braveheart.
**Yep, motherhood has definitely made Sun quite frustrated. Purple is the new black and Sun is the new Ben.
**That was the best explanation of 4 seasons ever. Thank you Hurley. Sadly, I now feel slightly silly for watching this show. And owning those 4 seasons on DVD.
**It must be humid in Cali or those darts were full of water, because Sayid's hair has taken a turn for the worst.
**Nothing ruins a hot pocket like a disturbed Benjamin popping in unannounced. Don't believe him, Hurley. Don't do it. Uh oh. The “I'm-going-to-believe-him” music is playing. And...
Quote Break: “Never dude.”
**Hi Jeremy Bentham. Nice to see your knife.
**Hi Ms. Hawking. Nice to see your math.

Previews: Yes. Kiss her Sawyer. Move on.

The Post About Eating Your Veggies

I have this group of people who come to my house on a fairly regular basis. We eat and play and the last ones to leave simply chat.

Generally we eat potluck - which lends itself to 3-4 homecooked dishes and Oreos and Doritos. This last time, we had sausage balls, english muffin pizzas, monte cristo sandwiches, and cupcakes. This is my first attempt at a recipe from Hello, Cupcake. They are peas and carrots and mashed potatoes (made with Starburst, Skittles, and Caramel).

I know the "look" threw some people, but they were gobbled up.

We play Mao more than we should (people are known to cry) and our new love - Quelf. I cannot recommend this game enough. My friend and coworker, Lisa, gave it props and she seems fun, so... It's a little like Cranium, but tainted and strange. The cards you draw are divided into 5 categories including, Stuntz, Showbiz, Quizzle, Roolz, and Scatterbrainz. An example of a Roolz is this "For the remainder of the game, every sentence that you speak must end with 'Hear me, for I have spoken.' or pay the penalty."

You can buy Quelf online or at Barnes & Noble. Do it. Your friends might come over and bring Oreos.

Any suggestions for fabulous games you love?


The Post About Movin' On Up

My Tivo is currently working overtime as it records 7 hours of Inauguration coverage. However, I just couldn't wait until tonight to see the snazziest moment. My early lunch today will consist of a Lean Pocket and the Presidential oath.

I know most of the people who read my blog did not vote for Barack Obama. Which is 100% okay. Most of my circle of friends are fiery red dots whom I love dearly. The great thing is we can agree to disagree and still be friends.

However, some people I've encountered (on both sides of the ticket) have been nothing but hateful and disrepectful for over a year now. I am sad to say, the majority of those encounters have been with Christians. Is it not exhausting to be so ornery?

Our lives do not rest in the hands of politicians. Yes, they are affected by them - but it does not have to determine the joy in my life. (I am preaching to myself here...) It really doesn't matter how we voted. We are here. In the great wisdom of Mary Englebreit "Let's bloom where we've been planted."

If she's not your cup of tea - let's look to the B-i-b-l-e.

"I urge, then, first of all, that requests, prayers, intercession and thanksgiving be made for everyone - for kings and all those in authority, that we may live peaceful and quiet lives in all godliness and holiness. This is good, and pleases God our Savior..." I Timothy 2:1-3

“Love your Christian brothers and sisters. Fear God. Show respect for the king” 1 Peter 2:17

“Everyone must submit himself to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established. The authorities that exist have been established by God.” Romans 13:1

We can still agree to disagree. As long as we honor God while we do it.

Sidebar: I wonder what Michelle Obama will wear at the ball. Yes, I care.


The Post About The Rabbit Recommends v.1

I love for people to tell me what they are reading, watching, or listening to. Well, not all people. Some people don't have good taste.

So several folks asked for a regular update on things I hear of or have experienced firsthand that I'd consider entertaining or intriguing or both. (I was surprised by that request too.)

So each weekend, I will post a readable, a watchable, and a listenable of which I'm fond. You can choose what happens next.


This book had me at Saturday, October 26, 1991... It flash-backhanded me to Memento (which you'll learn more about in a second - depending on how fast you read). Plus, time travel is the undercurrent of Lost, which I have a show crush on. Niffenegger has a way with pushing and pulling you in several directions and you keep turning the page. Thanks
Sam for this great recommendation.


This movie is from 2000 and was written & directed by Christopher Nolan (who made Batman cool again). Leonard has anterograde amnesia which forces him to develop some mad skills. The film is told in two narratives, one of which gives you the same amnesia. Pushing and pulling. But you keep watching. It has one of the highest ratings on Rotten Tomatoes for a reason.


I don't remember falling for Mutemath, but I did - hard. This is the only band I was willing to stand in one spot at Workplay for 3 hours to see. Sadly, they do not put out material very often...but they're supposedly working hard for the money now in the studio. Good for them (and me).

I expect your own recommendations in the lovely comment area. Including you lurkers, whom I adore...


The Post About I Drove All Night

It's Friday. I'm thinking about my summer event - Camp APAC, planning classes for adoptive families and sleeping late in the morning. And then sleeping late again on Monday - thank you MLK. (for that and civil rights).

I went to a Celine Dion concert last night at the BJCC (for free - thank you United Way). You can love or hate her, but you cannot disrespect her ability to put on a show. My friend, Kara, has decided to start using Celinisms when she is on praise team at our church. This would include beating her chest and making faces while singing Amazing Grace with a French Canadian accent. She will also need to wear this outfit:

Yes, those are sparkling pants. Kara commented that if you have diamond panties, you pretty much must wear them on the outside.

Other notes:

1. A couple of Celine's dresses were a tad short. We might have seen her petticoat junction on the jumbotron.
2. Four of Celine's dancers were men, three were women, and one was somewhere in-between.
3. I unknowingly dialed a co-worker from my hip pocket when we got back in the van and left a multi-minute evening recap, including the fact that some Birmingham police officers look like men but are really women who take parking very seriously. You're welcome, Lisa.

I start a new weekend segment tomorrow called "The Rabbit Recommends." (Your feedback becomes a reality).


The Post About El Roi

First off - yes, I walked 60 minutes on the treadmill last night and smelled the better for it.

My friend Kara and I have started a devotional series Jesus: 90 Days with the One and Only. We browsed other studies, but God's infinite wisdom knew I often choose books by their covers. Basically, I loved the paper. Simple enough.

However, the book is written by Beth Moore, with whom I have quite a dependent relationship. She digs into the Bible with an intelligence and hunger that's rarely rivaled. Her love for God is never more evident than when she is writing about His Son. I am crossing my fingers for a little rub-off as I read.

This week, I read the following:
"How I love the way God works! Just when we decide He's too complicated to comprehend, He draws stick pictures." Beth Moore

That is where I am in my walk with God as of late. Trading between furrowing my brow at the Almighty and then wondering why I missed the forest for the clearly marked trees. I want to see.

Here is what I am hoping to plant in my ticker next...
"Teach me Your way, O LORD, and I will walk in Your truth; give me an undivided heart, that I may fear Your name." Psalm 86:11


The Post About Looking Forward

I am currently anticipating the following things:

1. Being on the treadmill for 60 minutes (tonight)

2. New Season of Lost (January 21)

3. He's Just Not That Into You (February 6)
- take a look at the trailer here:

4. Kelly Clarkson's new album "All I Ever Wanted" (March 17)
- take a listen to her new single here:

5. Jesus coming back (TBA)

Are you looking forward to anything?


The Post About Sadface

As previously mentioned, I have these godsons. Billy, the 4-year-old, is quite amusing. He is also very dramatic, like in an Amy-Winehouse-throwing-things sort of way. Neither of these descriptions are exemplified in this school picture.

He looks a little like a serial killer or at the very least, like his mother smoked the mary jane while she was preggers. (for the record, she didn't.)

As for James Robert, please see Exhibit A:

On Santa's lap? Miserable. Free floating above Santa's head? Heavenly.

What you parents will inflict on your babies to perpetuate the lie? Of course, if I had lil' ones, I would have them dressed like Santa for this pic - like he and I had hooked up and they were his.


The Post About No Emmy Love

This was the best moment of the Golden Globes last night. If you've never watched 30 Rock, you should. (Cheat Sheet: GG's are given by the Hollywood Foreign Press & Jeff Zucker is the CEO of NBC Universal)

The second best moment of the night was me being able to watch 2 hours of E! Red Carpet and the 3 hour ceremony in less than 90 minutes. Thank you Tivo. You are an ADD girl's dream.

Ricky Gervais was also comical. He is good times.


The Post About Free Suze

I think my Dad has a thing for Suze Orman. He now talks about her more than Dave Ramsey. And to be honest, they have more in common, since both my Dad and Suze are a fan of the ladies. No matter.

I love Suze's advice on money and I love Kristen Wiig's version of Suze's advice on money (on SNL). Perhaps you are like me and need a little tuneup on the way you manage your money (or maybe your money car is totaled...) Either way - this week is your lucky week. Suze Orman's newest book Suze Orman's 2009 Action Plan is available now.

Of course, the best part is you can download it free until next Thursday - just click here.


The Post About The Loveliest

I asked my Sunday School class this past week to name their favorite holiday gift. Since I know you are dying to know...Here are a few of my faves:
This Bible is super heavy (both physically and spiritually.)

I love a great audio commentary. January 21 is coming...
I had been wanting a green handbag and God said yes.

I am fascinated with cupcakes.
I shall make this recipe.

What of the loveliest did Santa or Hanukkah Harry bring you?


The Post About the Tapeworm Romance

While purchasing a book to read on the plane back from California, we found this:
It's a legitimate Harlequin Romance novel - with a baby dressed as an adult on the cover. The man is supposedly Donovan Tolley - whom Babel Fish told me was a multimillionaire "tapeworm." Seriously.

The title is "Amor Concertada" which translates "Reached Love." How about no more reaching?

Note: I am a mandatory reporter of child abuse.


The Post About Licking Cowlicks

The hairdresser. It's a profession as important as doctor, pastor, tailor (I'm Ewok-short.) My relationship with my own stylist has always been of the utmost importance. I have had three hairdressers in the past 15 years whom I followed from salon to salon, until I finally moved too far away. One in Atlanta, one in Jasper, and my current dresser du jour - Melissa. She has worked in shops all over and I've trekked the miles every time. We have been happily together now for 7 years. No one cuts hair or passes the time like her.

I saw her tonight and now have sassy bangs. She also provided hair spray that will successfully battle the current floody, floody we are wading through. Plus, I have a bugger of a happy cowlick that has to be beaten into submission every morning with my straightener made for African American hair (is 400 degrees too hot?)

I just read this and realize I don't have a point. Other than to say I love my hairdresser.

What service professional do you heart?


The Post About Splenda Tea & Vodka Tonics

I heard this morning that more than 90% of New Year's resolutions will not be kept by January 31.

So I have to-don't and to-do lists here for 2009. Five days in and how have I done?

1. I have not made my bed. Not once.
2. I have not tried to fix anything. Including the sink in my bathroom that slowly leaks, but leaks slower when pushed all the way to cold. Any suggestions?
3. I am now drinking Splenda tea. However, there is a Coke Zero in my handbag.
4. I did not work this weekend. Even though I really should have. I am seriously behind. But I spent some great time with lovely friends and my stranger-than-fiction nephew.
5. I went to Books-A-Million, Family Christian, and the Target parking lot and did not purchase anything. It helped that a friend was on the phone telling me to walk away. I also did not buy anything in the checkout line at the grocery store. That section of chapstick and batteries and magazines and gum is like a vodka tonic to Chelsea Handler. Very tempting.
1. No plastic bags in 5 days. I cut off lights in rooms where I wasn't. And I recycled paper from the trash for an activity in Sunday School.
2. This is what I am planting in my heart: "Yet this I call to mind and therefore I have hope: Because of the Lord's great love we are not consumed, for His compassions never fail. They are new every morning; great is Your faithfulness." (Lamentations 3:21-23)


The Post About Not Resolving

I tend to have some of the same New Year's Resolutions:
1. Diet
2. Learn a foreign language.
3. Make my bed every day.
4. Climb something tall.

I almost decided not to make this repetitive doomed-to-failure list. But then I thought "What's so bad about trying for some change, even if its shelf life doesn't last?"

So here is what I am not going to do this year:
1. Make my bed every day. It's comfy and cozy either way.
2. Be consumed with things I cannot control. I spend much too much time trying to "fix." No more.
3. Drink so much diet soda. I think aspartame is out to get me and my brain (and my muffin top).
4. Work on weekends. I love my job, but I need to love good books and good friends and good family and good road trips more.
5. Spend so much on little things. Time to get out of debt and travel even more.

As for a short list of things I will do:
1. Decrease my carbon footprint even more. Let the cashiers look at me with disdain when I plop my canvas bags on the counter - it won't bother me.
2. Memorize 2 scriptures a month. I need more of His Word in my ticker.

What are you going to do in 2009? Or not do...


The Post About Cougars & Their Kitten

On Sunday in Cali - I went to Caryann's church - Radiant Church. Such a great experience. I would definitely attend, if I lived there. Their pastor, Travis, is one of the kookier, but quite fabulous pastors I have met. You can see one of the more enjoyable videos of him promoting a Christmas series of messages here (He is wearing a pregnancy empathy belly. The background music sells it...)

That afternoon, Caryann and I headed to see the Redwoods (one of my requirements for visiting). Since the drive really requires 4-wheel drive, we needed a 4-wheel drive. She shared this info on the radio, and the lovely and talented Tyler volunteered. Here is 19-year-old Tyler and his baby, Silver Sky:

The next sentence will objectify both Tyler and his vehicle. "They are lovely." But if it helps, they are lovely both inside and out.

I have a special place in my heart for trees, as I have already mentioned previously. So seeing these gorgeous mother-trees was incredible. Period.

A view of the General Grant (third largest tree in the world...)

So you can see better get a feel for how large it is - Caryann and I at the base (this was a super quick pic since we had to jump the fence and illegally go hug him before the park rangers called for our incarceration...)

We may or may not have made poor choices again to get this shot:

We tried to climb this little snow hill from behind, but I kept disappearing into the drift. And by "disappear", I mean fall into a snow hole to my waist. I'm awesome.

To cap off the day (and truthfully, every day I was in Cali), we ate ice cream (which is probably why I kept falling into snow drifts.)
This ice cream shop is actually inside a Rite Aid. The Walgreens near my house needs to step up.
And then I came home. I miss you Cali.
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