The Post About the Rabbit Recommends v.7

Each weekend, I post a readable, a watchable, and a listenable of which I'm fond. You can choose what happens next. Earlier volumes can be found here.


I'm exposed to more bad Christianese than is really necessary. It's no surprise many non-Christians look at us and go..."Umm...no thank you." That's why I'm interested in any tool that doesn't try to separate my faith in God from the culture in which I live, but shows me how they can intersect in happy harmony. Relevant Magazine fits the bill. I subscribe and gift it regularly to those I adore. You can subscribe for a measly $12 (one meal out) or read the current issue for no moolah by clicking here.


Put your feelings about Rosie O'Donnell aside (unless they're warm and fuzzy...) As someone who works with children growing up in foster care, this issue is a heartbreaking one. America is an adaptation of the E.R. Frank book that tells the story of a patriotically-named kid who journeys through the system looking for permanence. More than 1/2 million kids are in foster care due to abuse or neglect. Approximately half of them will become eligible for adoption, but they wait an average of 3 years to find a forever family. It's not okay. Watch and learn more about this issue and ways you might get involved! America airs Feb. 28 at 9 pm et/pt and encores Mar. 1 at 8 pm & Mar. 3 at 9 pm et/pt.


I've mentioned my affection for the music of Brooke Fraser before. She is a worship leader at Hillsong & Hillsong United and has her own solo career on the side. Her first two albums are worth every penny - What to Do With Daylight & Albertine. I've included her cover of Simon & Garfunkel's "Sound of Silence" which can be found on Live at the Aotea - which you can buy here.

Comments? Concerns?


The Post About Bad Human

I'm a huge believer that animals are animals and humans are human. I know this isn't a revolutionary idea, but in my scenario - only one gets to wear clothes.

This is not okay. God called us to have dominion over the animals, not torment them. So you didn't make cheerleader in high school. Move on.

As for food - all bets are off. It should always look like humans.

Creepy, yet tasty. See more food art here.

Do all dogs go to heaven? If so, should we get them ready in fancy pants?


The Post About Negotiating with a Terrorist

If you're a regular reader, you know I have these godsons. Here's the youngest eating one of my snazzy cupcakes:

The 4-year-old will remain unseen for this post. You see, he and I were in a fight this week. You would think the fun and flirty 30-something could handle a little one with limited verbal skills. Umm...no. What was the source of our conflict? It was huge...it was dinner.

I slaved over a PB&J sandwich (minus the PB, per his request) and poured a nice cold cup of milk. I asked him if the amount of jelly was enough, how he wanted me to cut the sammie, and what cup he would like for his drink. He made every decision. Including the one where he pushed it away and said he wanted chicken nuggets. He argued he needed "brain food." After discussing the nutritional intricacies of the meal I'd prepared and him remaining unconvinced, I said "Billy, you can eat the sandwich or not - but it's all you're gonna get." The argument then dissolved into back and forth verbal taunts until I actually heard myself say "Nuh-uhh." When did I revert to 5-years-old? I suppose the moment I entered into a power struggle with a toddler.

I finally chose to resolve the matter in the healthiest and most approriate manner. I took a deep breath and simply said "I'm tellin'."

Sidebar: My godsons' parents are lovely, but quite bizzaro. You can see evidence of this by reading Joseph's blog and as for Kara...see Exhibit A:

Yes, this is her hair in a plastic storage bag I found on their kitchen counter.


The Post About Philosophy Bites

Here are my reactions to tonight's Lost episode "The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham."

**Locke always gets a miracle when he crash lands, but not when he time travels.
**Fringe guy is back – that's never good.
**Tunisia is one of the Wardrobes...hmm...
**Charles Widmore vs. Benjamin Linus – who's the real baddie?
**Walt – token puberty shot.
**SHUT UP!!!
**Sarcasm isn't a pretty color on you Kate.
**That was one of the better death scenes. Thank you, creepy deadface.
**Jack is quite the self-esteem killer. Daddy? Let the alcoholism commence.

** Don't cry and confess around Ben, silly. Ben's a baddie. But now you know that.
**Hi Ben. You know what they say about payback?

**Preview: Yes, 3 years is long enough Sawyer. Boo.

NOTE: The last 2 eppy's have been some of my faves. Always better when written by Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof.

The Post About Spinning Plates

I love a gadget that can multi-task. I own a microwave that's also a toaster oven which lets me nuke the frozen dinner and toast the garlic bread all for the same meal. I have a television that lets me watch great shows live and records them while I'm away. I spend more time than necessary with a phone that makes calls, checks email, and locates the closest Starbucks. I even have an oven that bakes the cupcakes and heats the house all at the same time (I need to make sure my carbon monoxide detector works...)

This is simply a reflection of my own personality (or ADD diagnosis.) I need to feel as productive as possible at any given moment. When I'm at work - I listen to Pandora so I can keep up with new music I might come to love. I eat lunch at my desk so I can catch up on headlines and twits and RSS feeds. But the worst? Driving. I've already chattered about my issues in the car, but Satan is trying to make me idle through the legislative system. The Alabama House of Reps voted to make it illegal to text while driving. Umm...what am I supposed to do behind the wheel? Just drive? Ugh.

While I'm typing this, I'm also defragmenting. Don't hold me back - I'm a mover and a shaker.

Are you a multi-tasker?


The Post About The Colonel

I am hoping Mel Gibson can return to the forefront of Hollywood. And this is probably the movie to escort him back.


The Post About Jamie Needs To Stop His Whining

I've stood my ground against submitting to the tagging Facebook phenomenon "25 Random Things About Me." Even though more than 5 million folks posted this meme in the first week of February alone - I choose to let you get to know the obscure things about me the proper way - by reading my very public too-much-information blog. (You can also be single and fabulous and buy me dinner at Cafe Dupont after leaving your shift as an airline pilot - I promise you'll get the full scoop.)

But this one produced too much fodder to leave unreplied.

Here are the instructions: Google your name and the word "needs" in quotes and see what you get. List the first 5 entries:

My Googles
1. Jamie needs a kid.
2. Jamie needs mental help.
3. Jamie needs a bit of help to get up on the bed.
4. Jamie needs a poo.
5. Jamie needs to grow up and stop making all those horrible faces.

Depending on the day - most of these are true. You should post yours in the comments.

Post title is #6.


The Post About the Rabbit Recommends v.6

Each weekend, I post a readable, a watchable, and a listenable of which I'm fond. You can choose what happens next. Earlier volumes can be found here.


I know it seems like an odd suggestion, especially since this children's book is about an abusive and codependent relationship. But who hasn't been in one those? The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein is without a doubt one of the most gorgeous stories about unconditional love. I have started giving it as a gift to all new mommies (who sometimes struggle with codependence - this probably doesn't help.)


The Closer on TNT is one of the only procedural shows I love. Deep down, I'm still that 9-year-old who sat in front of a huge TV at Grandma's watching our "stories" - As The World Turns and Guiding Light (while sipping sweet tea and eating a sleeve of crackers - no wonder I have an addition to carbs - thanks G-ma.) This show combines a phenomenal ensemble cast, a sassy Southern accent, and a dead body or two for a captivating 47 minutes. Watch 3 episodes online for free or pay a little for a lot of fabulous by visiting TV Guide.


Say what you will about Katy Perry and her affinity for smoochin' girls, but she sure can sing. I'm praying for her to unbreak her parents' hearts and return to singing about less insane topics and maybe even heavenly things. Does it count that she covers this song about God? Black and Gold from the
Sweetheart Compilation.

Time for you to comment. What's one artist I should be listening to? I share - you share. It's only fair.


The Post About a Reese Round-up

Burglars were captured this week when the police followed a trail of Reese's Peanut Butter Cup wrappers. Read about it here. Lesson? Always check your team of vigilantes for PMS prior to breaking and entering.
My friend's daughter, Reese, is quite the doll. Here she is enjoying her lunch across from me at a local BBQ restaurant.

I'm usually anti-children in eating establishments that don't have a playground or numbered combos, but she was delightful. Especially when she would grab her baked beans from the Baby Einstein placemat and then place her beany hands in her hair. I guess the smartie-pants-placemat wasn't rubbing off.
"Why do Southern women make bad prostitutes? Because we have to write so many thank-you notes." Reese Witherspoon


The Post About Forever Family Frame

Speaking of rationalization...

I went to a Silent Auction last week benefiting Heart Gallery Alabama - an organization I can't say enough good things about. Their tagline is "There are no unwanted children, only unfound families." Isn't that the best? If you don't live in my lovely state, you can find your own Heart Gallery by clicking here.

Back to square one - rationalization. While I was attending this fab fundraiser, I got sucked in. There's no more potent justification to buy things than "it's for the children, with no homes or parents." Luckily, my budget intervened and reminded me I wasn't, in fact, made of money. And just because I wanted the spa package where a facialist, masseuse, and yoga instructor came to my home - it didn't mean I could take a lien on my 401(k) to get it.

But I did not settle. Here's what my dollars got me:

The artist is Lindsey Stone, who did a mighty fine job (and that's not just my addiction talking...)

Sidebar - Patrick, my 22-year-old friend who will go anywhere the governor might be, attended the shindig as well. While there, he was accosted by two 50-something cougars who had picked up his scent after downing a few glasses of free wine. I've never seen a look of despair like the one on his face when one of them began stroking his arm. Of course, he asked for this. Patrick has said he doesn't limit his potential mate by age. His exact words are "I'm not afraid to pull around a woman's oxygen tank." But when the wrinkles met the road - he was tipping the valet.


The Post About Fasten Your Seatbelt

These are some pics from the cake made by the Ace of Cake's team for Lost's 100th episode:

Here are my reactions to tonight's Lost episode "316."
**Jack is my favorite, but he needs to pluck. Guys – manscaping is your friend.

**I bet my church has a basement like that where they prep communion and haze the deacons..
**Mrs. Hawking was my favorite Ya Ya. However, she's a very creepy storyteller.
**Always good when Jesus and His disciples make a cameo.
**That's right – Jack and Kate love each other. Or something like that.
**Umm...why are we not reading the note?
**I would like Hurley and Sayid answers. Plus, what happened to Ben's face?
**Read the note, Jack. Security wants you to read it.
**SHUT UP!!!
**Quote Break: Jack: "How can you read?" Ben "My mother taught me how."
**SHUT UP!!!

Preview: Hi John. I look forward to your crazy next week.

The Post About Swaddled Pups

I updated my blog yesterday to include a blip about my coworker, Phil. Today I discuss Dolly (name changed to protect the guilty.)

Dolly is known for several things - cleanest office, snazziest clothes, and fabbest hair. Everything about her seems perfectly normal and quite sane. Until you meet her children. Dolly adores Daisy and Violet. Probably more than any mother could adore her beloved daughters. The only snag is they're not human - they're dogs. But you wouldn't guess as much if you spent any time peering through the window of Dolly's life with her precious pups.

Yes - they are swaddled. Yes - they are in their full-size baby crib fitted with Winnie the Pooh bedding. And yes - they are looked over by their Cabbage Patch Doll, Zack Stewart (that's a peach onesie, not pink.) This exact scene goes down nightly after dinner and playtime and a final potty break.

Daisy and Violet even have a stroller.

How much less do you love your pets?


The Post About My Motives are Fine

Rationalization. It's defined as "attributing one's actions to rational and creditable motives without analysis of true and especially unconscious motives."

If it were a spiritual gift, I would be the giver. If it were a white Spring handbag, I would carry it. If it were a box of Cheez-its, I would eat it up in one sitting.

This problem lends itself most powerfully in the arena of my finances. I can rationalize a purchase in less than 15 seconds with no turning back. I'm a victim of my own past selling tactics. When I sold handbags at a department store, I would present a purchase to a woman like so:

"This handbag is normally $450, but it's on sale today for 60% off. (wait for it...) AND I can give you a coupon for an additional 15% off. You will save almost $300."

They still paid more than $150 for the bag, but rarely could a customer resist the pitch.

I'm no different. In my closet hangs an Emory Alumni fitted t-shirt - size small. I'm an alumni, but not a fitted small, but the shirt was $2. So I rationalized it. Red clearance stickers are the worst. They're usually found in the section of a store isolated in the back where the slim can be picked with less chaos. That's where you'll find me. Justifying a shoe that's too small, a dress that's too big, and books I already own.

The Mt. Everest of this mindgame is Ikea. It's my own personal Mecca. I can rationalize those purchases on distance alone, since the closest store is more than 150 miles away. I went there yesterday and here are a taste of the spoils:

As for this gorgeous pillow:

It's washable, matches more than one room in my house, and cost only $12.99. Scan it please.

Do you struggle with rationalization?

UPDATE: I actually roadtripped to Ikea with two co-workers - Phil and Risa (names changed to protect the guilty - you can read more about them here.) Phil didn't appreciate that he wasn't namedropped in the above post. So I will say this: I'm a "social" rationalizer compared to his hardcore got-to-have-it addiction.


The Post About Warning: Book Ahead

I was picking up some books for an upcoming church study and decided to browse (no harm in shopping in God's bookstore, right? It's similar to tithing.) As I was moving around the store, I noticed this sign wedged under a book.

My photography skills not withstanding, it was a warning. The full text read like this: "This book may contain thoughts, ideas, or content that could be considered inconsistent with historical evangelical theology. Therefore we encourage you read it with extra discernement."

As the assistant manager wandered over (I'm sure I had been sighted on the security camera snapping photos of copyrighted materials) I asked him what he thought. He stated he didn't quite understand it, but he does what he's told. I asked him what other books were included and he said "Normally The Shack would have the sign, but it's on sale on the front, so we pulled its sign."

I felt something rise up in me. I then began a calm, but higher pitched soapbox dance with Mike, the manager. I argued the sign should be on the front door, since everything in the store should be read with discernment, including the B-I-B-L-E. I claimed with passion that there should be a yellow hazard tape around the 5 shelves of Christian romantic fiction convincing God-fearing women that men like Michael Hosea from Francine Rivers' Redeeming Love exists. And don't get me started on Southern Gospel music.

However, Lifeway has the right to sell or not sell anything they want. I appreciate that they aren't necessarily choosing censorship, but let's apply scripture to all we read, watch, and listen.

Philippians 1:9-10
"And it is my prayer that your love may abound more and more, with knowledge and all discernment, so that you may approve what is excellent, and so be pure and blameless for the day of Christ,..."

Rant complete.


The Post About the Rabbit Recommends v.5

Valentine's Edition - love is in the air.

Each weekend, I post a readable, a watchable, and a listenable of which I'm fond. You can choose what happens next. Earlier volumes can be found here.


No one writes unrequited love better than Jane Austen. Her other works get more time in the window, but Persuasion is my favorite. The heroine, Anne Elliot, let love get away (as I may have done in the 3rd grade - where are you Benji?) It's a story of finding it again. The novel doesn't have Austen's classic witty dialogue, but her observational writing will suck you in.


"If he loved you with all the power of his soul for a whole lifetime, he couldn't love you as much as I do in a single day." Shut up. This seems like a book and movie rec in one. But really - stick with the movie. Wuthering Heights is a tough one for even the most talented of readers. To help you narrow your search (there are more than 20 adaptations) - look for the 1939 version with Laurence Olivier and Merle Oberon. It's the definitive (The Academy agrees since it received 8 nominations.) I'm not saying you can find it on youtube, but...


I think if you're looking for a delightful Valentine's CD, then I'm going to stand by last week's recommendation of Dave Barnes "You, the Night, and Candlelight." This new version of "Until You" has reduced me to Häagen-Dazs, footie pajamas, and the Hallmark channel. Go here to make it yours.

Your inspirations for love?


The Post About Sharing Your Love Loot

Tomorrow is Valentine's Day. This is the best news ever.

For those of us who don't necessarily have a significant other to bask in our glow - this manufactured holiday is best celebrated on a day when we don't have to go to work. Then we avoid the coworkers who are loved so much that they have flowers and candy and jewelry and cards and edible arrangements overflowing into the hall and break room. And it always makes it into the break room, doesn't it? The words out of her mouth are "I want to share - I couldn't possibly eat all of these gourmet cupcakes from Edgar's Bakery by myself!" But the message really is: "My husband/boyfriend/eye candy for the moment adores me more than anyone adores you and since I feel good and bad about that - gain 3 lbs."

Is this what some would refer to as bitter?

In truth, I'm actually a fairly satisfied single-for-a-season (I hope it's a season, and not a reason - feel free to place your bets in the comments section...) Joseph said in church Wednesday night that God created someone for everyone - bone of my bone, flesh of my flesh. (of course, I noticed he backpedaled in the closing prayer to include the footnote that some are created for singledom. Goober.) I'm being patient and remembering I'm already in a pretty snazzy love affair.

Then Christ will make His home in your hearts as you trust in Him. Your roots will grow down into God’s love and keep you strong. And may you have the power to understand, as all God’s people should, how wide, how long, how high, and how deep His love is. May you experience the love of Christ, though it is too great to understand fully. Then you will be made complete with all the fullness of life and power that comes from God. Ephesians 3:17-19

For the record - I wouldn't start throwing punches if I happened to get a Whitman's Sampler or bouquet of gerber daisies dropped on my porch tomorrow by the funny and attractive owner of a Chick-fil-A or the funny and attractive writer of best-selling anything.


The Post About Blaming Michelle Obama

I've decided to follow Oprah's lead and blame Michelle Obama for my weight too. Specifically, I'm blaming her for the plateau on which I have apparently pitched my muffin-top tent. I'm a part of "The Others" team competing in Scale Back Alabama for the next 6 weeks. Each of us has to lose 10lbs to be entered for snazzy prizes like cash and more cash. Since I'm the captain, it's assumed I will not fail (I also assume the other "others" will not fail, since that will force me to rip off their right arm and beat them with it.) We will not fail. However, if we do - we know who to blame.

While I'm at it - I will also credit the First Lady for the following:
1. My inability to load and unload the dishwasher in a timely matter. I don't own enough spoons for the amount of cereal I eat. That's her fault.
2. My tendency to surf the web while I am driving. My ADD meds do not overpower the need for a multitasking facebook fix. I blame her.
3. My renewed love for J.Crew. This one actually is her fault. Wouldn't this look lovely on my arm?


The Post About Korea vs. Encino

After last week, I was giddy to see the ocean-soaked Jin and the cleaner and preggers Danielle (the island keeps Richard looking crisp, but it did nothing for Rousseau). Here are my reactions to tonight's episode in chronological order (Jamie-time, not Lost-time):

**Sun just gets creepier especially when talking to Ji Yeon about her “new friend” Aaron.
**Jin needs some chapstick and Danielle sounds like Celine Dion.
**It's raining Nadine.
**Was not expecting the arm. That's the worst game of tug-o-war ever.
**Ahh...Sawyer called Jin “Jin.” It's nice to have a nano-second of joy. The moment's over.
Quote Break: Sawyer: Translate! Miles: He's from Korea, I'm from Encino.
**C.S. Lewis just made a lot of unhappy guys (and my pastor) very happy with her admitted language skills.
**Ben clearly doesn't like passengers to discuss who is going to shoot him while he is driving.
**This episode just took a page from The Time Traveler's Wife – one of my faves!
**Is Locke's word any good, Jin? Isn't it the opposite of good?
**Locke takes a lickin' and.., Do I get credit for guessing Christian? I should. Maybe I have daddy issues?
**Is Christian an allusion to God and Locke to Jesus? Or maybe there's a Star Wars reference in there? But isn't that also about God and Jesus? I need Jeff Jensen to tell me what to think.

Previews: I guess the gang might all be together again. I cannot wait!

The Post About My "A" Game

Blogging has shifted a paradigm in my life. As I move through the world, I now find myself thinking about how experiences or images would present themselves in 2-3 paragraphs written for others’ reading pleasure. This has caused me to be a tad more post-it-note obsessive in some ways. But mostly, it’s been for the good. I now use my camera phone. I practice some writing skills I paid $3,500 per Emory class to learn. And most significantly, I find even more humor in what I consider a fairly comical life.

However, with the gift of experiences comes a necessary filter. When I post, there is a sense of anonymity. It’s just me and my laptop, Gracie; or me and my phone, Sammy (You don’t name your tech gadgets? When you love something, you name it – like a child or a hamster.) However, when I click “publish,” all bets are off. You, the reader, now have a chance to lean in close to the chaos, comedy, and crisis that is my life. You have the opportunity to judge and critique and mock the mess. Some of you even get to be a part because you live it with me, so you’re subjected to the followers and lurkers as well.

Since this is the case, I have to pick and choose what adventures make the feed. There are some great moments that end up on the cutting room floor. I wish I could paint those pictures for you – because it would be some of my best work. Romantic fix-ups gone awry. The struggle of cyber “friendships.” Crazy conversations about faith. And people in my life who are so unique they each deserve a week of posts just about them (you know who you are.)

So you’re stuck with a few “B+” posts and sadly, some “C-” posts. The “A”s are never in writing. To protect the innocent and the boneheaded.


The Post About Politicking

I don't write much about politics in this blog. Mainly, I lay low to avoid red finger pointing and snickering-behind-my-back. However, I was excited about President Obama's expansion of Bush's Faith-Based Initiative through an executive order he signed last week.

The office's specific priorities will be: poverty reduction, abortion reduction, encouraging fatherhood, and interfaith relations (these are all things Jesus and I support.)

The President also created a new Advisory Council and appointed a few people of whom I'm a fan:
  • Judith Vredenburgh, Big Brothers/Big Sisters of America
  • Dr. Frank Page, Southern Baptist Convention
  • Rev. Jim Wallis, Sojourners Washington
  • Richard Stearns, World Vision
According to Christianity Today: "The council will advise broadly on foreign and domestic policy, and will be able to hold hearings and issue reports and recommendations. It has the potential to become a major force."

Here's a nice Q&A with the new director of the office - incidentally, the same guy who fought for Rick Warren to give the inaugural prayer and coordinated the Saddleback Forum during the campaign. Plus, he's kinda cute and in my age range. I think.


The Post About Hit & Run

I have this problem:

The house itself is actually quite lovely. We've been together for five years and have survived some highs and lows in our relationship. Highs includes punchy wall colors, sassy bathroom wainscoting, and a delightful porch bench that begs to swing as the temperature creeps higher. Our lows have been cataloged here in detail – lizards and friendly vandalism.

So what's the problem, you ask? It's trashy in nature, so consider yourself warned.

I have this long-suffering relationship with my garbage cans. The first dilemma is my memory that the trash is actually picked up each week. There's always this moment on Wednesday morning when I silently curse as I recall this task needing to be checked off. Then there's the actual movement required. It's probably 50 feet. But it might as well be 50 miles, because I simply can't seem to drag that trashcan back from the road. And since that road is apparently the final lap at a nascar event, the can doesn't always survive. This week's Exhibit A:

The biggest obstacle I face? Getting the garbage men to take the trashed trash can.


The Post About the Rabbit Recommends v.4

Each weekend, I post a readable, a watchable, and a listenable of which I'm fond. You can choose what happens next. Earlier volumes can be found here.


One of the lovelier moments in my day-to-day is heading to my mailbox and grabbing this weekly deposit. This week is extra-special because look at those faces. (The best part? There's not a shaggy, unhygienic, con man in sight.) Entertainment Weekly is worth the commitment if you like to read, watch, or listen - like me. Plus, there's The Bullseye, The Hit List, Stephen King, Diablo Cody (my long-lost sister) and Jeff Jensen (the Lost guru) to round out the awesomeness.


Winter brings empty branches, crisp winds, and influenza. But it also gifts us Masterpiece Classic on PBS. I know for most of you PBS only meant must-see TV when you were hunting down Reading Rainbow or 3-2-1 Contact. But seek out the obscure "last choice" channel to enjoy this great series. They just finished the emotional pornography of Tess of the d'Urbervilles, Wuthering Heights, and Sense and Sensibility. Next up are the Tales of Charles Dickens including David Copperfield (played by Harry Potter) and Little Dorrit (which should go under the "Read" heading.)


I don't even remember when I first heard Dave Barnes, but I'm willing to embrace the repression for the pleasure that is hearing him now. My date with him and his band is booked in my calendar for March 13 when he will be at Workplay (one of my favorite listening venues...) He released a new EP on Tuesday called "You, The Night, and Candlelight" which you too can own. Plus, if you visit his website, you can download a free song and register to win an iPod Touch (maybe I just ruined my odds...)

Your recommendations?


The Post About 9 to 5

I'm in cupcake pajamas catching up on some Tivo after being out of town for work. (Thank you Jin and Danielle and Drew.)

This was my room with a view yesterday at hour 6 of an 8 hour meeting:

I was camped out in a portable camping chair in the back popping ADD pills and SweetTarts trying to stay connected. It's not that these meetings aren't productive - but much of the material on this day included topics which aren't a part of my job. Then you toss in graphs and numbers and team decision-making and this gal is looking for shiny things in her handbag.

I will say there are very few other people whom I'd rather be trapped in a conference room with. They really care about the families we serve and information we provide. This team is making a difference in the world of adoption. It's nice to have a back row foldable seat with cup holder to take it all in.

How's your job?


The Post About Torturing Tivo

I'm home. And home is a Comfort Suites in Montgomery, Alabama where I'm at a work retreat. I really love my coworkers and actually would claim some of them as my favorite people. I wanted to forsake them to watch this television show last night. I didn't. And God rewarded me with Strawberry Cake and winning Phase 10.

Hopefully Tivo will show love to its mother when I return by remembering what happened on and off the Island. (If not, then time out or waterboarding will be in order.)


The Post About Watermelon & the Devil

I'm sorry – did I mention I have a crush on my new Bible? I did? Well then, let's talk about why that might be. The Word of God in and of itself should be quite lovable. However, you add notes and original language text and definitions and cross references and charts and online access and it's on like Cheech & Chong (no Michael Phelps pun intended.)

We are camped out in Genesis in my Sunday Bible Study group. We are 9 chapters in and several questions have risen to the top:

  1. What happened between the first and second verse of Chapter 1?
  2. What did Eve think was happening while she was pregnant?
  3. Who did Cain marry?
  4. Who told Lamech he could have more than one wife?
  5. What was Noah doing while he was naked that caused him to curse Ham for seeing it?
  6. Was Ham mocked for the name “Ham?”

Of course, our best discussion was on Eve bring framed. “Framed” is probably harsh, but let's agree she has taken the brunt of the blame since Moses or whomever put pen to papyrus.

Chapter 3, verse 6 tells us Adam was with Eve when the deal went down. And when God goes hunting for them in verse 9, it says “But the Lord God called to the man and said to him, 'Where are you?'”

Sidebar: I love how God knows the answer to that question but forces the conversation with Adam. He does that to me more often than not, even though I would rather just take the licks and us agree silently that we both know what I've done. No need to chatter on about my stupidity.

The original “you” in verse 9 is singular – God is looking for Adam. It's not that Eve wasn't guilty – she was definitely a dirty disobeyer. But Adam was designed to be the keeper and protector of that relationship (2:15) and he had the opportunity to knock that watermelon out of her hand (I'm sure it was watermelon – who isn't tempted by watermelon?)

As part of their punishment, God deals with each of the players separately. If you read that section (3:14-19) you find that the consequences of sin are dire. I'll let my Bible boyfriend provide some insight “Similarly, the ongoing result of Adam and Eve's original sin of rebellion against God will have disastrous consequences for their relationship: (1) Eve will have the sinful “desire” to oppose Adam and to assert leadership over him, reversing God's plan for Adam's leadership in marriage. But (2) Adam will also abandon his God-given, pre-fall role of leading, guarding, and caring for his wife, replacing this with his own sinful, distorted desire to “rule” over Eve. Thus one of the most tragic results of Adam and Eve's rebellion against God is an ongoing, damaging conflict between husband and wife in marriage, driven by the sinful behavior of both in rebellion against their respective God-given roles and responsibilities in marriage.”


But hope was coming. Verse 21 “And the Lord God made for Adam and for his wife garments of skins and clothed them.” Hope is coming. He is.
Here's # 3 for 2009...This was an inspired choice for a friend who is going through some "hard cheese."

“For everything that was written in former times was written for our instruction, so that through endurance and through encouragement of the scriptures we may have hope.” Romans 15:4


The Post About Made for Walking

The average woman has 27 pairs of shoes. That seems irresponsible, right? I couldn't possibly have that many.

Let me go count...

I was almost positive I had less than 27. But shoes kept appearing the deeper I went into my closets. (multiple closets with shoes in them should have been my first indication that the math was not going to be in my meek favor.) Shoes I love, shoes I'd lost, black shoes, brown shoes, shoes-I-thought-I-would-die-if-I-didn't-buy shoes. And still the shoes came: red ones, blue ones, silver ones, plaid ones, pointy-toed, round-toed, no-toed, stilettos, flats...

My official count is up to 49. I'm committed to buying no more until I get rid of a few. I think 40 is a good non-extravagant number. Absolutely. When it comes right down to it, I actually prefer to equate the possession of vast number of shoes with a life rich in experiences. Plus, shoes do not forsake you if you retain water or retain that milkshake you ordered from
Christian chicken.

The average woman own 10 handbags. Let me go count...

Never mind.

What do you think - is that too many? What do you have too much of?


The Post About Darth Vader's Baby

Yes, your eyes do not deceive you. That's Darth Vader holding a baby. Best. Ever.

Thank you Cake Wrecks.

(you get double today since this post couldn't wait. It just couldn't.)

The Post About Fire Drills

I'm glad I skipped the Super Bowl, but stayed up for this.

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